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absence management policy template is a absence management policy sample that gives infomration on absence management policy design and format. when designing absence management policy example, it is important to consider absence management policy template style, design, color and theme. absence management policy is an effort to reduce employee absences through company-wide programs and policies. absences due to illness and injury are inevitable at any workplace. each company needs to develop absence policies that are relevant to the organization’s needs. to actually impact behavior, these policies must be communicated clearly to employees at all levels throughout the company. absence policy should be fair, consistent, and able take into account sickness and other unforeseen circumstances that may prompt employees to miss work. a typical staff absence policy will usually outline the procedure an employee is expected to follow when he or she must miss work. in addition, employees should know how absence data is recorded and measured, and what will happen when they return back to work following a long absence—this might include an interview and discussions for how to make up the missed work and integrate into current team projects.

absence management policy overview

in the occasion that work absences become an ongoing problem for an employee, there should be a plan for disciplinary action. a comprehensive staff absence policy takes into account the various reasons why an employee might miss work. the best absence management policies are ones that are clear and fair, and developed to fit the needs and resources of the organization. beyond focusing only on helping employees avoid missing days of work, absence policy may include programs to encourage attendance, such as offering flexible schedules and worktimes, or allowing employees to occasionally work remotely. another way to encourage attendance might be to put a positive spin on absence management policy, perhaps referring to it instead as attendance management policy. instead of fearing the consequences of missing too much work, employees could be trained on the savings, productivity, collaboration, and other benefits of being present. make sure absence policies offer generous time off and work-from-home options in case of sickness to avoid spreading germs around the office.

absence management software is designed to streamline the process of tracking and approving employee absences, reducing the administrative burden on your hr team. in addition to the need for accurate hourly data as part of payroll, having and understanding data on employee absences helps hr professionals make smarter decisions about the absence management policies they create. absence management policy is a rule or set of rules designed to reduce employee absences through company-wide guidelines and programs.

absence management policy format

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absence management policy guide

an effective absence management policy will include a communication strategy outlining the procedures an employee is expected to follow when they must miss work. this might include an interview and discussions for how to make up the missed work and integrate into current team projects, or it might involve a clear-cut return-to-work process of retraining or gradual reintegration into a schedule or role. this way, if they need to be out of the office for medical appointments, family obligations, or other personal reasons, they have a means to make up for the lost productivity on their own. a clear, comprehensive, and well-communicated absence management policy that makes employees feel supported, protected, and cared for is the most effective kind.

sick kids. but what if the occasional sick day becomes a regular occurrence? the role of absence management is to help create a solution and resources for those absences. absence management is a set of solutions that are put in place to help prevent absenteeism before it becomes continual. not only can employee absence have a financial impact, it can affect the company culture as well. managers need to integrate a policy that focuses on compliance, but also shows that they as an employer are compassionate and are willing to find solutions so employees have the things they need. compliance with disability laws and fmla requirements are critical for management—but they also can help a company succeed.

it ensures their performance improves, and creates a system that allows everyone, from management to employees, to thrive. an official attendance policy sets clear expectations for work behavior and disciplinary actions for frequent offenders. for instance, one may fly, but two may initiate a formal review. no one wants to be micromanaged, so depending on the size of your company, time-tracking and scheduling technology can be a big help. for that reason, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest hr policies and management procedures. an online human resource management degree from wgu can help strengthen your skills and help you be on the forefront of your industry. our articles feature information on a wide variety of subjects, written with the help of subject matter experts and researchers who are well-versed in their industries.