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accounts receivable confirmation template is a accounts receivable confirmation sample that gives infomration on accounts receivable confirmation design and format. when designing accounts receivable confirmation example, it is important to consider accounts receivable confirmation template style, design, color and theme. confirmation is the process of obtaining and evaluating a direct communication from a third party in response to a request for information about a particular item affecting financial statement assertions. consequently, as the combined assessed level of inherent and control risk increases, the auditor designs substantive tests to obtain more or different evidence about a financial statement assertion. confirmation requests can be designed to elicit evidence that addresses the completeness assertion: that is, if properly designed, confirmations may provide evidence to aid in assessing whether all transactions and accounts that should be included in the financial statements are included. thus, when designing the confirmation requests, the auditor should consider the assertion(s) being addressed and the factors that are likely to affect the reliability of the confirmations.

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for example, in the examination of demand deposit accounts in a financial institution, it may be appropriate for an auditor to include negative confirmation requests with the customers’ regular statements when the combined assessed level of inherent and control risk is low and the auditor has no reason to believe that the recipients will not consider the requests. the auditor should obtain an understanding of the substance of such arrangements and transactions to determine the appropriate information to include on the confirmation request. if the information in the oral confirmations is significant, the auditor should request the parties involved to submit written confirmation of the specific information directly to the auditor. if the combined evidence provided by the confirmations, alternative procedures, and other procedures is not sufficient, the auditor should request additional confirmations or extend other tests, such as tests of details or analytical procedures.

the auditor should use external confirmation procedures for accounts receivable, except when one or more of the following is applicable: if receivables are material and confirmation procedures will be effective, then confirmations must be sent. external confirmation procedures may be ineffective when based on prior years’ audit experience or experience with similar entities: if the auditor has experienced poor response rates to properly designed confirmation requests in prior audits, the auditor may instead consider changing the manner in which the confirmation process is performed, with the objective of increasing the response rates or may consider obtaining audit evidence from other sources. what audit procedure should be performed if confirmations are not sent? care must be taken to ensure that the subsequent collections examined relate to receivables that existed at period-end and not to sales occurring after period-end.

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the auditor should include a memo to the file or add comments on the receivables work paper explaining why confirmations were not sent. charles hall is a practicing cpa and certified fraud examiner. he is the author of the little book of local government fraud prevention, the why and how of auditing, audit risk assessment made easy, and preparation of financial statements & compilation engagements. my sweet spot is governmental and nonprofit fraud prevention. i am the author of the little book of local government fraud prevention, preparation of financial statements & compilation engagements, the why and how of auditing, and audit risk assessment made easy.

managers who prepare financial statements from company records according to standard accounting procedures make assertions about the data in the statements. according to the aicpa — the association for professional cpas in the united states — during an audit that conforms to generally accepted auditing standards, audit evidence is gathered to verify the assertions made on financial statements. confirmations are one type of audit evidence an auditor will use to find out if the data being audited is recorded properly. aicpa defines confirmation as the process of obtaining audit evidence from a third party. a positive confirmation requests that the third party reply whether or not the account balance is correct. a negative confirmation requests that the third party reply only if the account balance in question is incorrect.

the actual existence of transactions is one assertion that accounts receivable confirmations can prove. a positive confirmation from the customer confirms the existence assertion in the financial statements. accounts receivable confirmations are generally more valuable in proving existence assertions than other standard assertions, such as completeness, according to the aicpa. in addition, the third party could offer reference to an invoice in the customer’s accounts payable records as evidence that funds are owed to the business undergoing audit, thus supporting audit evidence of the transactions as shown in the financial statements. when customers confirm that an invoice is owed to the company, this proves the assertion that the business undergoing auditing has a right to the assets it claims in accounts receivable. in addition, by verifying the balance owed, the customer proves the accuracy assertion of the financial statements. her business and finance articles can be found on the websites of “the arizona republic,” “houston chronicle,” the motley fool, “san francisco chronicle,” and zacks, among others.