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as9100 procedure template is a as9100 procedure sample that gives infomration on as9100 procedure design and format. when designing as9100 procedure example, it is important to consider as9100 procedure template style, design, color and theme. as9100 rev d, requirements for creating an aerospace quality management system (qms), follows the iso 9001:2015 standard in the use of the term “documented information.” this does not mean that there are no more requirements for controlling documents, instead the new requirement is intended to cover both documents and records. to help your organization compile a list of mandatory documents, this is what you will need to create. documented information is any significant data that the organization is required to control and maintain, along with the medium on which it is contained. the requirements for documented information are captured in section 7.5 of as9100 rev d and include many of the same requirements that were in the previous version (rev c) for controlling documents and records.

as9100 procedure overview

the qms must still include documented information that is required by the standard, along with documented information that your organization has determined to be necessary for the effectiveness of the qms. in addition to which documents and records are required, there are also requirements around creating and updating documented information. in addition, you will also need to have controls over adequate protection, applicable distribution, access, retrieval, use, storage, preservation, control of changes, retention, and disposition, and particularly, prevention of unintended use of obsolete documented information. in addition to the mandatory documents and records, many organizations use the following set of documents and records as well. it gives you all you need to prepare for registration – in one simple to use package.

with the broad range of activities and sums of money spent the public services sector is subject to close control. as9100, a quality management standard with requirements that are specific to the aerospace industry, can help you provide consistent quality and reduce risks. the standards documents themselves will help you get comfortable with the requirements of as9100 and where your company stands in relation to meeting them. as9101 will help you get familiar with the audit and certification process.

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as9100 procedure guide

this information will help you to plan for the costs, justify expenses and earn buy-in from management and employees. look for one that is properly accredited, has experience with as9100 certification and aims to help you improve your organization through their audits. we use the information you give us to define the scope of the assessment you need and provide a proposal for certification. this audit will cover all locations that are within the scope of your certification and will also include any site work your company is undertaking. we have various accreditations and can provide you with the support you need to boost your company’s reputability and performance.

as9100 — also known as as9100d, the most recent update to as9100 from 2016 — is a unique, rigorous set of standards that govern some aerospace, aviation, and defense manufacturers. a qms is a significant component of the as9100 certification, and manufacturers that pursue accreditation must create, maintain, and enforce a qms that meets regulatory requirements. an as9100 certification gives companies increased access to major players in the aerospace, aviation, and defense industries — many large-scale or high-visibility original equipment manufacturers (oems) exclusively pursue suppliers with the certification. as for the companies that don’t seek certification, they can still use the as9100 framework to improve or build their qms, quality assurance program, or both.

for instance, in your preliminary as9100 audit, you might discover that your training program doesn’t address risks as thoroughly as the certification requires. in addition, many smms may not have completed as robust a certification as as9100 before — thus, their lack of prior experience with accreditations at large could put them at a disadvantage. as9100 certification is no small feat — companies must carefully review the requirements, create a plan of attack for widespread structural and procedural changes, and keep up with annual reviews and changes to the requirements. gregg profozich is a manufacturing, operations and technology executive who believes that manufacturing is the key creator of wealth in the economy and that a strong manufacturing sector is critical to our nation’s prosperity and security now, and for future generations.