banana water for plants

banana peel water is a nutritional kitchen byproduct that can be used to fertilize plants because the minerals it contains are essential for plant growth and development. the water obtained from the banana peels contains minerals that plants need in order to produce green and healthy leaves. in plants, this electrolyte performs a similar task in the transportation of water and sugars. banana peel water can be made by boiling or soaking the peels in water for a period of time. banana peel water can be used to water succulents while adding vital nutrients at the same time.

bottom watering plants with banana peel water is another way plants can benefit from minerals from the banana. additionally, banana peel water is a  good additive to the soil but care must be taken when watering as it can be easy to overwater the soil which can lead to root rot and yellowing of the plant leaves. eggshell water can be used to water plants because it provides the plant with calcium minerals and amino acids. banana peel water can be very beneficial to plants by adding valuable minerals and nutrients to the soil. banana peel water can be obtained from either soaking the banana peel in water or through boiling and is a cost-effective method in providing plants with organic fertilizer.

a couple of months ago, with plenty of banana peels at my disposal, i decided to try making banana peel tea fertilizer for some of the plants in my house. then i watered a few of my houseplants with the fancy water and waited. also, the soil continued to smell like a combination of sweet and somewhat rotting banana peels for many days after watering it. in retrospect, and after doing quite a bit more research, i applied my knowledge of composting to this experiment. i digress… to the extent potassium from the peels decomposes in the jar and becomes water-soluble, it only makes sense that plants that love potassium would love banana peel soil amendments. but the process to break down organic matter still takes at least a couple of weeks, and this is a best-case scenario. we compost (in all the ways), so we use finished compost as a soil amendment in our garden and on our houseplants. honestly, i’m not sure i ever want to take the risk of introducing this in my home again. i haven’t tried using it in water and spraying the plants. i appreciate the tips and hope they work for anyone who tries them! i use banana tea (banana peels and distilled water) for my outdoor calla lilies and hydrangeas to encourage blooms. most people just buy bananas, but in the case of adding to your garden, you need organic bananas. you may have to empty and refill a couple times, but they will die and collect in the dish… you’ll see.

and 2) i have only seen that you are suppose to let it set a few hours. if you ever want to feed your indoor plants, maybe add a tblsp of the tea to a gallon of water. i also used it on plants other than succulents, and it didn’t seem to work well for those either (though again, not under a controlled scientific experiment). i thin k by just adding banana peels to water and letting it sit for as long as two weeks just made a jar of rotten banana water hmmm. and i agree that just letting bananas sit in a jar seems to make for rotten bananas (which was kind of my critique on the oversimplified banana water tutorials i kept seeing on social media). thanks to you and your commenters for the info. no gnat issues but i used the banana tea on a transplanted azalea and it’s blooming in no time now. in any case i’m glad i read this because i’m going to opt out of the banana peel method for my ficus. i think a banana compost tea that is properly aerated over several days might be great in the way you mentioned. and this is because i would have expected it to attract some bugs into the house. also, i only let my “tea” steep for about a week, never longer and i use distilled water to make my tea, not tap water. i feel like you really took the time, to just present facts and made a very logical argument against using this particular type of banana peel tea. but to counteract this i have always been told that a basic “multivitamin” tablet dissolved into 3ltr’s of water will more than supply a plant with the adequate nutrients for both vegetative and flowering stages.

banana peel water is nutrient-rich water obtained from boiling banana peels. it provides the plant with an organic source of nutrients that promotes plant the lore goes that bananas are good for plants because they provide a lot of potassium, and potassium is an essential element for plant growth. potassium helps once a week, water your plants using the diluted banana peel liquid fertilizer at the base. the liquid fertilizer gets absorbed by the roots immediately., how long do you leave banana peels in water for plants, banana peel liquid fertilizer disadvantages, banana peel liquid fertilizer disadvantages, banana peels for plants, how often to use banana peel fertilizer.

adding banana water to your plants may actually backfire. most plants need a balanced fertilizer that supplies the macronutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. if you fertilize your plants with just banana water, they might get a tiny amount of potassium at best, but none of the other nutrients. banana peels contain lots of nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calciumu2014all of which are needed for good plant growth. soaking the banana peels allows the nutrients to leech into the water, and once it hits the soil, the roots grab all those sweet, sweet minerals. create an all-natural liquid organic banana peel fertilizer filled with potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen using just the peels for bananas and water. this to make: keep a pitcher of water in your refrigerator about ¾ full. as you eat bananas, place your discarded peels in the pitcher until it’s full. after about a you can add them to water and let them sit for a few days to make banana peel tea, an excellent fertilizer for indoor plants. try drying them into a black, banana for plants, potassium in banana peel, banana peel and eggshell fertilizer, banana peel as fertilizer research.

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