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business sop template is a business sop sample that gives infomration on business sop design and format. when designing business sop example, it is important to consider business sop template style, design, color and theme. in this post, we’re going over a standard operating procedure checklist with 5 sop examples for service-based businesses – so you can start small and build your sop catalog quickly and efficiently! let’s go over some of the best processes to start documenting so you can start building your sop database. you most likely have some way to track who your current clients are and the deliverables they need. to create this first sop example, simply find some way to document -we suggest writing them down or typing them out – the steps you follow when immediately after a client says, “yes! the second sop we suggest for service-based businesses entails creating is a list of how you give the deliverable they’re hiring you to deliver. instead, one easier place to start is outlining how you give them the deliverable.

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this is one process that you’ll be repeating over and over, so writing down the steps can help make sure you get paid, and there’s no confusion when it comes to your client’s administering payment. this sop example is referring to where you communicate with them and when. if you have a team, it’s even more important to keep your communication centralized! we don’t need to explain why it’s great to have testimonials in a business, but we highly recommend including this in your process. sure, it can feel a little awkward to ask for one, but if you just make it the standard thing you do in your business as a whole, it can become easier to ask. as you go throughout your day-to-day work process, keep track of the sops and processes you need to create. the processdriven approach™️ combines software expertise with practical process-first strategies that have helped 1,600+ teams build a scalable foundation of business systems.