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cash handling procedures template is a cash handling procedures sample that gives infomration on cash handling procedures design and format. when designing cash handling procedures example, it is important to consider cash handling procedures template style, design, color and theme. the custodian of every cash fund is responsible for the integrity of the cash fund. purpose: provide direction for campus departments in the collection, custody, and reporting of monies, and outline specific cash handling procedures for department use. a copy of the receipt should be given to a walk-in customer. checks of all types received in-person or through the mail, should be restrictively endorsed immediately. collection on such checks can take the treasury several days or weeks to receive the funds.

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any exchange rate differences will be charged to the depositing department, as a reduction of the deposit (debit to revenue account listed on the original cash receipt). departments should do the following: credit card payments are completed when a batch settlement is transmitted. a copy of the deposit slip (yellow or pink or actual copy) is sent as back-up with a completed cash receipts record to the cashier’s office for processing and entry into banner. deposits to department gift accounts should consist of charitable donations made to the department. cash receipts which may be deposited as a reduction to expense are very limited. if the check is returned to business affairs a second time, to record the lack of funds available for the department deposit, a jv will be processed to reverse the payment (debit to department revenue account).

cash handling is a tedious process, opens the door for more internal theft, and can lead to reporting and inventory problems. there are generally three common problems in the retail industry that lead to cash handling issues: one of the most important reasons to implement cash handling procedures is to foster due diligence. effective cash management allows you to know where your money is, who has access to it, and how it will be used. you also need to strengthen security in the cash handling process right at checkout. in an industry where margins between profit and loss are thin, you can’t afford to lose money or have a poor cash management process.

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here are some rules to follow when standardizing your cash-handling process, whether or not you use a cash-handling solution: successful management of the cash handling process involves training your employees. the point of sale is the first element necessary for efficient cash management. there are several practices for handling cash in the retail store. cash handling and storage areas must be restricted to authorized personnel. collecting cash, issuing cash receipts, and preparing the deposit are all examples of cash handling.

owning several is an even bigger investment – and no matter the size, it’s important to protect that investment. cash handling procedures can seem like a ground-level, nitty-gritty concern, but it’s one of the many tools above-store leaders (asls) have to protect their investment. but with so many steps in the cash handling process, tracking it all can become overwhelming. let’s look at the top cash handling practices that all of your employees should follow. 1. make sure there’s only one manager in the safe during each shift. the incoming and departing managers should both verify the count, and the restaurant leader and asl must be notified immediately of any large variances. 3. make sure the cash tracking form has actual cash counted. this may mean shorting a deposit to make the safe balance or adding to a deposit to make the safe balance.

the bottom line is that safe overages and shortages need to be reconciled by the end of the day. 8. cashiers should count (or witness the counting) of their cash drawer at the end of their shift and sign the corresponding paperwork. scheduling is essential to getting this right since you need to allow managers and cashiers enough time to count their drawers at the beginning and end of their scheduled shifts. the manager in charge should verify and handle the change for the guest. 10. limit the amount of money in the cash drawer. most importantly, the manager in charge must monitor the cash in the drawer. keys in the cash drawer is a huge red flag that there’s something wrong with your cash handling procedures. 13. reconcile reported daily deposits with validated deposit slips or smart safe reports, and make sure they match.