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conflict of interest procedure template is a conflict of interest procedure sample that gives infomration on conflict of interest procedure design and format. when designing conflict of interest procedure example, it is important to consider conflict of interest procedure template style, design, color and theme. during the annual coi disclosure campaign, the aforementioned employees submit a coi disclosure to either identify potential conflict of interest situations or attest that they have none. if responses to all screening questions are “no,” the disclosure serves as an attestation that the employee has no potential conflict of interest situations to disclose. notify the conflict of interest designation to receive a paper coi disclosure form. if the coi designated official determines that a potential conflict of interest situation has been disclosed, the disclosure will reviewed by the coi committee.

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a copy of the signed coi management plan is distributed to all parties involved and an electronic copy is saved in infoed. the coi management plan administrator and student/trainee advocate should notify the coi designated official about any concerns related to the conflict of interest. coi management plans are terminated when the conflict of interest situation no longer exists or when the coi committee determines that the risk is no longer manageable and must be eliminated. conflict of interest concerns may be brought to the attention of the coi designated official, or may be reported by submitting an anonymous improper activity form.

conflict of interest is a common issue in the workplace. a supervisor may give a co-worker time off from work to do volunteer work or might allow employees to solicit donations and funds in the workplace, whether for the girl scouts or a local school function. conflicts of interest are a clash that most often occurs between requirements and interests. conflicts can occur when an individual makes or influences a decision and does so for some personal gain that may be unfair, unethical, or even illegal. even if we never act on them, there may be an appearance that a conflict of interest has influenced our decisions.

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maybe the new supervisor is the best candidate for that position, and maybe the new department director had nothing to do with her hire. the true test of verifying whether a matter is just a potentially perceived conflict of interest, or an actual conflict of interest, is disclosure. disclosure of a potential conflict of interest does not make it an actual conflict, but may help eliminate the perception. the individual cannot make the determination as to whether it is a conflict or not because he or she does not have an independent or objective point of view. it is always best to be transparent and accountable to ensure we eliminate either the perceived or actual conflict of interest.

the conflict of interest company policy addresses situations where an employee’s personal interests might conflict with the company’s interests. this conflict of interest statement should be modified with your company’s specific regulations. our company conflict of interest policy refers to any case where an employee’s personal interest might contradict the interest of the company they work for. this policy will outline the rules regarding conflict of interest and the responsibilities of employees and the company in resolving any such discrepancies. the relationship of the company with its employees should be based on mutual trust.

the possibility that a conflict of interest may occur can be addressed and resolved before any actual damage is done. therefore, when an employee understands or suspects that a conflict of interest exists, they should bring this matter to the attention of management so corrective actions may be taken. the responsibility of resolving a conflict of interest starts from the immediate supervisor and may reach senior management. senior management has the responsibility of the final decision when a solution can not be found. note: the same principles apply to the company in regards to its clients. in cases when a conflict of interest is deliberately concealed or when a solution can not be found, disciplinary action may be invoked up to and including termination.