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cottage gardens are made up of a mix of colours, as opposed to a strict colour scheme. cottage gardens are also likely to make use of self-seeding plants such as foxgloves and aquilegias, which pop up spontaneously around the garden or in cracks in paving, adding to the informal look. hardy geraniums come in a range of colours, from dark purple to white, and grow brilliantly in sun or shade. with their pretty flowers with a strong, clove scent, pinks (dianthus) are essential cottage garden flowers, and come in a range of colours and forms; many have a clove scent. they’re the ideal choice for the middle of a border, and thrive in rich, moist soil in light shade. delphiniums are cottage garden stalwarts, towering at the back of the border in shades of blue, pink or white. lupins are another cottage garden favourite, with pretty spires of pea-like flowers in a wide range of shades; they contrast well with roses.

grow it along a fence or up and arch or pergola for a romantic look. campanula flowers are extremely attractive to bees and other pollinators. lavender is a compact, evergreen shrub that looks good in all kinds of gardens, including cottage-style ones. hollyhocks are classic english cottage garden plant, with tall spires of large flowers from summer to early autumn. peonies bring sumptuous flowers in a range of colours to borders in late spring and early summer. their lax habit and beautiful, scented flowers are ideal for a cottage garden. subscribe to bbc gardeners’ world magazine and get your first 6 issues for £9.99 plus a choice of gardening guide worth £7.99 each. they grow well in borders and pots, climbing up structures, adding valuable height to the garden.

here are a few tips on planning and planting the perfect cottage garden. when making a list of cottage garden plants, keep these outstanding perennials in mind. garden phlox, often called border phlox to avoid confusion with the lower growing moss phlox, is the perfect mid-sized perennial for a cottage garden. of course, climbing and rambling roses can also be used in a cottage garden and planted at the base of a fence, arbor, pergola or another type of vertical structure. pick a spot in the garden with full sun and well-drained soil, digging in some compost or aged manure.

foxgloves are perfect for the back of a cottage garden where their tall spires of bell-shaped blooms tower over other plants. of course, this is only a partial list of cottage garden plants. if it had it’s own dedicated space it is pretty when it blooms but i have grown to dispise the plant and don’t like to see it for sale. i planted it in an area to cover a poor soil area. i also look for pollinator friendly plants, and my garden buzzes.

a cottage garden is an informal planting where flowers take centre stage. imagine masses of hollyhocks, daisies, phlox, catmint, and foxgloves mingling there’s a wealth of geraniums that fit perfectly into cottage gardens, large and small. an especially striking variety is ‘johnson’s blue’, recommended varieties ; daffodils yarrow columbine ; yellow alyssum crocus foxglove ; hyacinth climbing hydrangea holly ; iris, dead-, low maintenance cottage garden, low maintenance cottage garden, cottage garden shrubs, cottage garden border layout, what is a cottage garden.

from sweet pea to larkspur to roses, shares classic, colorful flowers to create a charming cottage garden. there are many more that you might expect to see in a cottage garden scheme. sweet peas, honeysuckle, lavender, stocks, dahlias, scabious, cat the best plants for a charming cottage garden ; 1 delphiniums., cottage garden flowers, vintage cottage garden, cottage garden trees.

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