deluge system testing

since these open extinguishing systems are the primary care in case of fire, it’s testing is a bare necessity for both human and equipment (and environment). since we have put a lot of effort in getting the optimal conditions for this technology, we decided to protect our intellectual property with a set of patents. our licensing partners are typical service providing companies in maintenance and testing of firefighting systems on industrial scale, having a proven track record of clients with deluge firefighting systems.

it uses pressurised smoke in stead of sea water. this work platform contains it’s own independent vacuum compressor, the dry deluge test facility and tools & equipment for immediate repair of the deluge system. as part of our services, we test deluge firefighting systems in a new and innovative way. to spare the deluge system and the expensive production equipment underneath, we do test deluge systems without salt water.

in the event of fire on offshore installations, the primary protection of pressurised process vessels and pipework is a combination of emergency depressurisation (edp) via the blow-down system and passive and/or active fire protection. structural steel is usually protected from fire by passive fire protection but in some cases also by water sprays. the effectiveness of water deluge systems is significantly enhanced when used in conjunction with a fire retarding foam. the prime objective of a water deluge system is to cool equipment in a fire incident.

a performance standard for the maximum number of blocked nozzles should be based on the fes analysis of each fire area. it is important that during a water deluge test the water flowrate at the target is measured and not just the water flowrate leaving the nozzles. it is generally accepted in the uk offshore industry that 5% nozzle blockage is a failure criterion and that several blocked nozzles occurring on one leg of an area deluge is also regarded as a failed test. a simple isometric drawing of the nozzle arrangements for each fire area could be used to mark any blocked nozzles, to provide a quick effective guide to systematic blockage.

the patented dry deluge test from siron fire protection services eliminates many of the regular problems. it uses pressurised smoke in stead of sea water. any deluge valve trip test complete operational test (foam water systems) proportioning systems, foam water solution, and concentrate strainers ( deluge verification is the testing and maintenance of deluge systems to ensure compliance to design and performance criteria. johnson controls provide the, siron sprinklers, siron sprinklers, zoho deluge test, fire sprinkler system, fire sprinkler companies.

this information sheet provides guidance on water deluge systems, their testing requirements, data recording in relation to performance standards, deluge systems, water spray systems, watermist systems, foam systems and compressed-air-foam systems require yearly obligatory testing. i have) operation testing is mandatory. if i make an operation test of the deluge system, the water mess may damage lots of electrical equipment, fire protection services.

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