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department sop template is a department sop sample that gives infomration on department sop design and format. when designing department sop example, it is important to consider department sop template style, design, color and theme. if you have been a long-time reader of the blog or my books, you know that i am a huge fan of checklists. i realized that while i write about them a lot, i have been remiss in not explaining the “why” and the “how” of checklist magic. here are just a few that i created over the years:[3] there were/are many others, but this gives you some flavor of when and how a checklist can be useful. second, since the checklist is aimed at you and others, getting their input will help ensure that it is written in a way that anyone can follow and is not idiosyncratic to you. but, once you are ready, the most common ways to document your process are a linear checklist, a flow chart, or a combination of the two.

department sop format

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if the checklist is just for me alone, then this type of list is highly effective in terms of just reminding me to check issues i am well versed in. but such testing and participation are critical to ensuring that your big-ticket sops cover the myriad of issues a real crisis can present. alternatively, this is a good assignment for someone younger in the department to give them ownership and responsibility for something important. it is so easy to forget something or feel like you cannot delegate the task. [2] at the risk of getting smacked upside the head again, i am going to use checklist and sop interchangeably here. if you are not sure about what i am talking about, here is a good article on the difference between the active voice and the passive voice: active vs. passive voice.