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developing sop template is a developing sop sample that gives infomration on developing sop design and format. when designing developing sop example, it is important to consider developing sop template style, design, color and theme. sops are often posted in laboratories to make it clear to workers exactly how tasks are to be done. an sop which describes routine or recurring procedures can be submitted to the iacuc by an investigator or a research team. new sops are reviewed and approved by the full iacuc. once approved, sops can be referenced in existing or future protocol applications. a protocol amendment must be submitted adding an sop to an existing protocol. sops are reviewed annually by the iacuc executive committee (iec).

developing sop format

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all amendments are submitted to the iec for review and determination of significance. if the iec determines the proposed changes are significant, the sop is sent to the iacuc for full committee review. subsequent amendments to an sop will be numbered distinguishing it from the original sop (ex. sops not referenced in a protocol submission over a 3 year period may be allowed to expire without renewal unless the author requests otherwise. if the author leaves um or is no longer interested in maintaining an sop, then the iacuc shall seek a new author from among other faculty who have referenced that sop in their protocol. an sop should include the following: purpose and scope; materials and equipment; required or specialized personnel training on procedure; safety concerns; definitions; a detailed description of the procedure in the step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the procedure; records to be kept; identification and emphasis of ‘critical steps’ in procedure; copies of forms to be used, drawings of apparatus, tables, figures, etc; and references, i.e. because the sop is a stand-alone document, it may need to be presented in some context for proper evaluation.