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disciplinary documentation template is a disciplinary documentation sample that gives infomration on disciplinary documentation design and format. when designing disciplinary documentation example, it is important to consider disciplinary documentation template style, design, color and theme. documentation of discipline issued to an employee is as important as the discipline itself—and it could prove to be more important if the employee’s unacceptable behavior continues. the discipline document should be written in plain, nontechnical language that the employee can understand. the document should identify the author and the date it was written. generally, it is helpful for the organization to have a standard disciplinary documentation form to ensure that all the necessary information is captured in the document.

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if the employee refuses to sign, note the refusal on the document and include the date and time it was presented to the employee. spend adequate time to make certain the employee understands what is expected. instead of saying “you need to be here on time all day, every day,” say “you need to report for work by 8 a.m. and work until 5 p.m., monday through friday.” ask the employee to explain the requirement to you in his or her own words. present the discipline as notification of an opportunity to improve, not as another step on the way to termination. not only is good disciplinary documentation necessary to justify a termination, it is also key in accomplishing the goal of discipline—the correction of the employee’s unacceptable behavior.

when doing so, it is important they ensure a fair procedure is followed, or any resulting dismissal will almost inevitably be considered unfair by an employment tribunal (as long as the individual satisfies the eligibility criteria for an unfair dismissal claim). in any of these cases, and where you have a valid reason to dismiss an employee, it is critical that employers/managers follow certain procedures as the conduct of disciplinary investigations and hearings could also give rise to other claims. so, should you dismiss an employee for misconduct and an unfair dismissal claim arises, you would need to be able to substantiate every step you made to reach the decision. the acas code is an important document and should always be kept in mind by the manager/employer when drafting or implementing a disciplinary procedure.

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however, when determining if a dismissal is fair or not, a tribunal will consider two key issues: for example, in terms of conduct, a fair procedure would be the fair, transparent and consistent application of a disciplinary or capability procedure, where the employee is informed of the case against them, has the opportunity to present their side of events, and has the right of appeal against dismissal. should this be necessary and a claim is issued, the notes will serve as accurate documentation of the efforts you made to resolve the issues with the employee over a reasonable period. the golden rule is always that anything you write down may end up in front of a judge. the documentation a business uses as part of a disciplinary is the evidence a business will use to show that they have engaged in a fair process and therefore come to a fair outcome. toby pochron is a senior associate in the freeths llp employment law department.

one of the many factors that an employer may consider in conducting a reduction in force will be employee performance and productivity. however, aside from being a factor to consider in reductions in force, there are many benefits to both the employer and employee in properly documenting employee discipline and misconduct. before an employer decides to discipline an employee, there should be a full and fair investigation of the events. the goal in completing such documentation is that anyone who might read the employee discipline form will get a clear picture of what happened and why the discipline was imposed.

for example, managers shouldn’t say that the employee is lazy, but should describe the facts that have led to the conclusion. in the event that the employee refuses to sign the form, managers should note that on the form and record the date. if necessary, hr may want to review the organization’s employee handbook with managers and supervisors on a periodic basis to ensure that they are familiar with policies and are uniformly enforcing them. again, it’s a matter of uniformity in the discipline process     documentation of employee misconduct must be handled as a business issue.