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disciplinary investigation notes template is a disciplinary investigation notes sample that gives infomration on disciplinary investigation notes design and format. when designing disciplinary investigation notes example, it is important to consider disciplinary investigation notes template style, design, color and theme. it is not always the case that a disciplinary investigation will result in a disciplinary hearing. it should be remembered that the investigating officer’s role is to ascertain the facts in order to see if there is a case to answer. an investigating officer must explain to witnesses that the matter under investigation and their involvement in it is confidential, and that a failure to maintain that confidence may in itself be a disciplinary offence. you should check the policy of your organisation to see if it allows employees to be accompanied at this stage, and whether the right is extended to a friend, spouse or legal representative.

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following the meeting, the investigating officer should send to the employee a copy of their own statement for them to check and approve. alternatively, the investigator may find that as a result of their investigation, there is a case to answer and that the employee should appear before a disciplinary hearing to see whether a disciplinary sanction should be issued. the suspension should be kept confidential and it should be made clear to the employee that their suspension is a neutral act and not a disciplinary sanction. however, the investigation should be conducted promptly and an effort made not to prolong it beyond what is necessary, as the employee(s) in question will likely find the experience stressful.

the investigation is an important part of any disciplinary process, not just in terms of establishing whether or not there is sufficient evidence to justify proceeding to a disciplinary hearing but also in terms of making sure the employee understands the allegations being made against them. the acas code of practice recommends that any period of suspension is kept under review and if during the investigation process it becomes clear that suspension is no longer needed then the employee should be allowed to return to work. the extent of the investigation does not have to be forensic but should be whatever is reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that the relevant facts are established. if the allegations relate to the honesty and integrity of the employee, and they are likely to lose their job if the allegations are proved, a higher standard of investigation is expected.

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employers should be mindful of the need to maintain confidentiality throughout the investigation process. employers should also remember that they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments where a disabled employee is placed at a disadvantage and this duty may arise in an investigation either in relation to the accused employee or any witnesses. it is important that the investigating officer does not use the investigation as a fishing expedition in order to obtain any and all information about the employee by whatever means. if the investigating manager believes there is sufficient evidence to proceed the employee should be invited to a disciplinary hearing. it is recommended that specific professional advice is sought before acting on any of the information given.

this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your rights, including what you can expect from an hr investigation, the rights you have during the investigation, and what to do if you feel you are being treated unfairly. depending on the type of investigation, employees may be interviewed and asked to provide documentation such as emails, texts, or witness statements. you may feel that the investigation is unfair, or you may feel that you are being treated unfairly during the investigation. it is important to note that an investigation is not the ideal time to request an accommodation, but if you need one to participate in or understand an investigation, you should request such from your employer.

if you are involved in an investigation, you can request to review the investigation record. however, you can request to speak to a lawyer if you believe that you are being treated unfairly or you believe that the investigation is unfair and you want legal advice. it is important to understand that you do have rights during this process, and that these rights can help you defend yourself against any false accusations. throughout the duration of your case, you will be able to speak freely with your legal representative.