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disciplinary investigation report template is a disciplinary investigation report sample that gives infomration on disciplinary investigation report design and format. when designing disciplinary investigation report example, it is important to consider disciplinary investigation report template style, design, color and theme. start with a summary of the complaint and your approach, lay out the sequence of events and evidence, then conclude with your findings and recommendations. this step-by-step process may feel overwhelming, but staying organised and focused on the details will help you get to the bottom of the situation and propose appropriate solutions. briefly describe the nature of the complaint and your role in investigating the matter. for example: this report summarises my investigation into complaints of bullying and harassment within the marketing department. my role was to gather and analyse evidence in an objective manner. objectively summarise each witness account and piece of evidence, without commentary. after reviewing all witness statements and records, i find evidence, on the balance of probabilities, to substantiate claims that john doe subjected jane doe to ongoing bullying and harassing behaviour, including frequent insulting and demeaning comments, as well as unfair demands and work assignments intended to undermine her authority.

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i did not find sufficient evidence to substantiate allegations of harassment by john doe against jane doe. your conclusions should be supported by specific examples from the evidence and witness testimony. based on your findings, suggest targeted recommendations to address specific problems uncovered during the investigation. for example, if the issue involved improper training or lack of policy awareness, recommend instituting regular training on workplace conduct and harassment prevention. with ongoing support and commitment to fostering a respectful workplace, you can achieve meaningful change and help prevent future incidents of harassment, bullying, or other misconduct. don’t drop the ball once initial recommendations have been made. the most important thing is that you go into each investigation with an open and unbiased mind, seeking the truth. fact based reports with recommendations are key to prevent reoccurrence of the same issues.

as stated above, any decisions made must follow a reasonable investigation, and if it does not, the case is likely to be deemed unfair, risking legal action. an investigator should be appointed to lead the investigation. that said, the investigator should not be restricted by a provisional timeframe and may find as the investigation progresses, they need to modify it so they can investigate thoroughly. suspension should only be considered during an investigation if it is needed to protect the investigation, the organisation, other employees, or the employee under investigation.

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if the employee fails to attend a grievance or disciplinary meeting, it should initially be rearranged. it is the relevant decision maker rather than the investigator who makes the final decision on what action should be taken on the basis of the investigation, such as whether or not a disciplinary hearing is necessary. if their decision differs from the recommendations in the investigation report, the reasons should be recorded in writing and attached to the report as an addendum. the law gives employees the right to be accompanied to any meeting for grievances and to a meeting or hearing, giving a formal warning or other disciplinary action in disciplinary matters.

if informal action has not resolved an issue, or if the issue is more serious, the employer will need to start a formal process. as such any initial letter inviting the employee to an investigation meeting may frame the allegations in a slightly broader way than any subsequent letter inviting the employee to a disciplinary hearing. it will be very important to the fairness of any subsequent dismissal that an employer is not seen to have pre-judged the outcome. an investigation meeting is not a disciplinary hearing, and the role of the investigator is distinct from that of the disciplinary hearing chairperson.

for example, any suspicion that the employee has disclosed confidential information to competitors, may require a search of the employee’s correspondence, files and emails. for example, if an employee is a member of a whatsapp group exclusive to colleagues the employer would usually be able to use such messages as evidence of any harassment. occasionally an employer has no choice but to conduct a disciplinary investigation without the input or co-operation of the employee. if new information comes to light following the completion of the investigation, this information should be shared with the manager conducting the disciplinary hearing. 09919918. authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority fca no.