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disciplinary probation letter template is a disciplinary probation letter sample that gives infomration on disciplinary probation letter design and format. when designing disciplinary probation letter example, it is important to consider disciplinary probation letter template style, design, color and theme. placing an employee on probation is an ideal way to help improve productivity because it virtually gives the employee an ultimatum: improve or be fired. when you meet with the troublesome employee, the first thing to bring to her attention is that you have performed a comprehensive evaluation of her job performance. convey to your employee that the purpose of the meeting is to address a pattern of unfavorable behavior or poor performance in the workplace. a good opener would be, “we’ve evaluated your performance over the past few weeks. when applicable, have such records readily available to go over with your staff member. documents might include performance or sales records, employee incident reports and attendance records. one way to approach this topic is to place the records before the employee and politely state, “we’re beginning to recognize a pattern of behavior forming that we fear may be detrimental to your department. once you’ve addressed the unfavorable behavior and documented incidents, provide potential solutions to the problem.

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in most cases, the staff member was unaware of his shortcomings or noncompliance and is willing to conform. be prepared to follow that statement with a list of goals and methods of achieving them. no laws exist to govern the length of a probationary period. typical probationary periods last anywhere from two weeks to three months. be perfectly clear when conveying to the employee how long she’ll be on probation. also mention that you reserve the right to terminate any at-will positions within the time frame. ensure your employee is well aware of the potential consequences of violating the probationary agreement. make any potential of extended probation known to the employee and that passing a probationary period does not permit him to revert to undesirable behavior or performance patterns. however, if certain goals are not met in a timely manner, we reserve the right to terminate your employment or extend the probation period.”