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disciplinary witness statement template is a disciplinary witness statement sample that gives infomration on disciplinary witness statement design and format. when designing disciplinary witness statement example, it is important to consider disciplinary witness statement template style, design, color and theme. “this witness statement is a statement of truth, which facts and information i am prepared to swear under oath and/or affirmation as being substantially true to the best of my knowledge and recollection.” on 16.9.23, i was standing at the photocopy machine at 4:15 pm, when phillip thomas brushed past me and pushed his groin into my buttocks. this course of conduct created an oppressive environment in which to work and communicate with phillip thomas. however, having discussed what happened to me with my workplace colleague tanya smith later the same afternoon, tanya smith informed me that phillip thomas had done the same to her the previous week. on 16.9.23, i informed my line manager james brown that i had a medical appointment with my gp on 22.9.23. i asked james brown to allow me time off from work to attend the medical appointment by reason that i could not get an appointment with my gp on my day off. for the avoidance of doubt, james brown knows i suffer from anxiety and depression as i have previously taken time off from work to attend counselling sessions.

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james brown discriminated against me on protected grounds of disability by refusing to allow me time off from work to attend the medical appointment, which is a contravention of the equality act 2010. james brown omitted to outline any legitimate reason why i could not take time off from work to attend my gp appointment. the omission to have rendered james brown with disability awareness training has ultimately led to james brown discriminating against me because of my disability. on 16.9.23, i was loading baggage onto flight number 741 (gatwick to rome) with my co-worker mohammed assan, when our supervisor mark phillips approached us and joked that he hoped we hadn’t put any bombs in the luggage. mark phillips knew (or reasonably ought to have known) that his ‘joke’ was calculated with the purpose and effect to cause myself and mohammed assan injury to our feelings, which being labeled as terrorists did do. over the last decade sam and amy have helped thousands of clients with employment disputes. sam and amy can have a telephone consultation with you or write you a custom letter of grievance if: buy this template first to raise a formal grievance for (i) work related stress; (ii) bullying and harassment; (iii) discrimination

witnesses can provide vital information for a company to make a fair and suitable decision in a disciplinary matter. written accounts from the witnesses being called by the employer in the investigation meetings should have been provided to the employee in advance of the disciplinary meeting to allow them to consider the evidence, prepare their defence adequately, and think of any additional questions they would like to ask the witnesses. usually witnesses are internal colleagues of the accused employee who have relevant information for the disciplinary matter. the witness will need to be notified in advance, through a request letter, asking for their attendance so they can make arrangements to attend. the employer can give a management instruction to a witness to attend, assuming the witness is an employee, and depending on the circumstances, it may be unreasonable for them to refuse. the employee can put questions in writing to the witness that can then been answered and submitted in writing for the meeting.

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the investigating manager may be present at the meeting to confirm their evidence but their information from the investigations will have also been stored in written form for the chair to access and discuss. in these situations you need to balance your duty of care towards all employees including those who perhaps feel vulnerable and threatened, with your responsibilities to provide the accused employee with sufficient information about the witness statement and gain enough evidence to support any decision you will make. reassure reluctant employee witnesses that you will take any attempt to bully them or threaten them very seriously, and perhaps offer the opportunity to provide witness statements for consideration rather than being cross-examined in the hearing if that is appropriate for the allegation in question. if the interaction between the witness and the employee becomes aggressive it would be appropriate to adjourn the meeting and make a decision whether to carry on with the witness present or whether the employee should submit written questions that the witness can then respond to and the chair can read the answers. in smaller organisations, it can be harder to obtain witness statements due to the close knit culture and not wanting to upset others but if handled correctly, it can provide vital evidence to carry out a successful disciplinary for both the business and the employee. face2facehr partners is a private limited company registered in england and wales.

home » articles » must an employer disclose notes and witness statements produced during a grievance or disciplinary procedure if an employee requests them? the employer can refuse to disclose the document in question if its disclosure would also reveal information about a third party who can be identified from the information, unless the third party has consented to the disclosure or it is reasonable in all the circumstances to comply with the request without his or her consent. the employer should not automatically refuse to disclose a document if a third party, for example a colleague who has given a witness statement, does not consent to it being released.

this might involve: ultimately, the employer should take a reasoned decision about whether or not it would be reasonable in the circumstances to disclose a witness statement or other document. where a disciplinary investigation results in the decision to proceed to a disciplinary hearing, the employer should provide the employee with copies of any witness statements and other written evidence that will be referred to in the hearing. the non-statutory guide that accompanies the code states that the employer should give copies of any meeting records to the employee, but states that protecting a witness is an example of a circumstance in which withholding information may be appropriate.