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document management procedure template is a document management procedure sample that gives infomration on document management procedure design and format. when designing document management procedure example, it is important to consider document management procedure template style, design, color and theme. a document management system helps automate the control and tracking of documents that are managed according to document control procedures. who creates a document, and how the document is created, are determined by the document control procedure. how a document is reviewed, who approves a document, and how approvals or modifications are recorded, are all spelled out in the document control procedure. after documents become final and approved, they often still need changes in the future. document control procedures will determine the process for document revisions. once revisions are drafted, they follow an approval process similar or identical to the initial document review and approval process. once documents are final and approved, the document control procedures define the parameters of how and where a document is published, and who is authorized to have access to it.

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the obsoleting of documents, or their removal from availability, is another important process outlined in the document control procedure. making sure that the correct, up-to-date, and approved document is being used, is a key benefit of document control procedures. documents that are out of date or no longer accurate can be a cause for major concern, and result in some of the most frequent audit findings in compliance programs. in most organizations, an individual or group of individuals are identified as responsible for document control procedures. there are several components of a document management system that support document control procedures. we are a document management software company that helps you improve and automate document centric business processes. we help businesses, organizations, and government agencies of all types spend less and gain more from the management of their information.

document control is one of the most important processes for any organization, but it involves more than just access and permissions management. in general, document control is a holistic process and corporate philosophy defining the management of all documents. a document controller is charged with delegating permissions for various documents and files, making sure that former employees of teams or even the entire organization don’t continue to have access to confidential information. take a full inventory of the paperwork and files that need to be organized. but the less guesswork you bring to document creation, the easier it will be to onboard new employees or find flaws in the overall system.

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it’s important to include permissions gathering in the documentation of this process. you may find that after the implementation process, your document control system may be lacking or inefficient in areas you didn’t expect. you’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the system itself and how your employees use it (i.e. if you need your documents to be hipaa-compliant or adhere to similar standards, not having a document control system is a guarantee that some documents will slip through the cracks. document locations and access shouldn’t be something you need to think about — and an established document control system makes that happen.

this can protect a business from costly errors and associated loss of reputation. a document control system helps businesses ensure that they’re always working with the correct and most current version of a document. document control plays a vital role in maintaining overall efficiency, product quality and the ability to compete within a particular industry. identify all the documents to be managed within the control system. determine who is responsible for each document in terms of approval and oversight. documents should be classified according to their purpose or department. part of document control is establishing a procedure for periodic revisions of your documents. this should include who is allowed to make revisions. an important part of document control is security, especially when it comes to sensitive or personal information.

it should also have a backup system. part of your naming convention should include being able to label documents as archived or obsolete. include who is responsible for the creation of each document. these procedures should include which documents require review and by whom. procedures for revisions after initial review of a document should include who is responsible, and how they’re carried out and recorded. replacement may become necessary when a document needs to be updated or renewed. specify who is responsible for renewing and replacing the document, and disposal procedures for the old version. document control software makes it possible to manage a document control system digitally. ideally, a document control system should be managed using centralized, cloud-based software. if you’re currently investigating options for setting up a document control system, we recommend signing up for a free 60-day trial of isotracker’s quality management software – or contact us to discuss your needs.