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downtime procedures template is a downtime procedures sample that gives infomration on downtime procedures design and format. when designing downtime procedures example, it is important to consider downtime procedures template style, design, color and theme. objective  the objective of this study was to assess the operational implications of downtime with a focus on the clinical laboratory, and to derive recommendations for improved downtime contingency planning. one growing source of total downtime is a deliberate cyberattack on the hospital systems. a challenge to understanding the impact of downtime in the laboratory is that comprehensive downtime data are not available. downtime data were obtained through manual review of paper records, which are generated in the laboratory during downtime operation. the specific test types and the number of observations available for downtime and normal operation are listed in table 1 . the reports obtained were not time stamped for the time of result reporting making true acceptance to reporting tat during downtime impossible to calculate.

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a full summary of the delays is shown in table 3 and fig. analysis of the available data showed that the data were not normally distributed, and did not meet the required homogeneity of variance required to run using an anova test. concerns for the workload and workflow during a downtime were almost as prevalent as downtime theme. interviewees from the laboratory voiced concerns that the rest of the hospital was unaware of the limitations downtime places on laboratory operations, and continued to order all tests as if there was no downtime. there was a significant amount of paper-recorded data, which was incomplete and could not be used in the analysis. conflict of interest e.l. reports grants from agency for healthcare research and quality, during the conduct of the study.

while the full scope and clinical impact of downtime events may not be readily apparent when the event initially occurs, it could result in delayed patient care and heighten the risk of medication-related adverse events. similar to the center for disaster medicine at massachusetts general hospital (mgh), organizations might consider selecting an initial team to assess the downtime event and its operational impact on the organization, and another team that will be called in if the assessment team deems it warranted.9 all team members should have a deep understanding of the ehr process and the steps that need to be taken to verify that mobilization to a downtime mode is necessary. during off hours when typical leaders are not on duty, organizational policies should include a designated “on-call” leader for the organization as well as departmental “on-call” leaders who can be contacted in the event of ehr downtime. how will written orders be sent to the pharmacy to ensure they are acted upon and do not contribute to delays in therapy?

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the expectation should be to minimize verbal and telephone orders and to enforce the use of written order forms during ehr downtime. if the ehr loses connectivity to the adc, will adcs automatically be placed on critical override status for immediate access by the units, or is this a manual process that must be activated? planned ehr downtime should be used as a learning experience to uncover issues that must be addressed,10 assess knowledge, and ensure the adequacy of policies and procedures. in the event of unanticipated ehr downtime, trigger the designated team to respond immediately to determine the extent and anticipated timeframe for correction of the issue, determine potential solutions, and ultimately to decide if ehr downtime procedures should be implemented. soon after the recovery, convene a multidisciplinary group of those impacted by the downtime to determine what system changes should be developed and implemented in anticipation of the next unscheduled downtime.

downtime procedures and downtime solutions are essential for planned or unplanned downtime, but how do you know which solution is best for your organization? this post will explore comparisons between downtime procedures and solutions and why dbtech’s downtime solutions are the most viable choice for ehr downtime events. whether planned or unplanned, ehr downtime can disrupt critical healthcare operations and potentially impact patient care. on the other hand, downtime solutions offer a viable alternative compared to a standard downtime procedure. however, paper-based downtime procedures can be time-consuming and error-prone. provider notes taken during the downtime event can be illegible, and paper-based documentation is prone to be misplaced or lost.

downtime solutions, however, enable seamless electronic data capture during downtime events. it is a short-term solution aiming to minimize disruption and ensure patient safety during downtime. the goal is to minimize disruption and ensure patient safety during downtime events. downtime solutions offer a long-term solution that allows for uninterrupted access to patient information and maintains essential operations during system or network downtime. it eliminates the need for paper-based processes, enabling seamless electronic data capture during downtime and automatically synchronizing the captured information to the electronic health record (ehr) once downtime is resolved. dbtech’s downtime solution, in particular, provides a comprehensive solution that minimizes disruption during ehr downtime and allows for seamless electronic data capture without any paper-based processes.