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electronic signature sop template is a electronic signature sop sample that gives infomration on electronic signature sop design and format. when designing electronic signature sop example, it is important to consider electronic signature sop template style, design, color and theme. when using electronic signatures, stewards and it professionals need to be aware that signatures and the associated data to validate the signature are an integral part of a record. this procedure requires that members of the university community do business electronically and use e-signatures to conduct university transactions that previously required handwritten signatures and approvals on paper documents. items to examine the following will be evaluated to identify risks associated with the proposed e-signature method: the quality and security of the e-signature method should be commensurate with the risk and need to assure of the authenticity of the signer.

electronic signature sop format

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this method should be used for low-risk and impact transactions, especially those that involve individuals that have an external relationship with the university. this implementation method should be used with individuals possessing an internal relationship with the university and where the risk or impact of the transaction to the institution is high. the data custodian will be responsible for ensuring that the implementation method complies with university security procedures, including password, transmission, access control, and auditing requirements.