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employee disciplinary statement template is a employee disciplinary statement sample that gives infomration on employee disciplinary statement design and format. when designing employee disciplinary statement example, it is important to consider employee disciplinary statement template style, design, color and theme. you are often very anxious and stressed at the very time you should be thinking clearly and planning how to defend yourself. the purpose of the disciplinary meeting is to discuss the alleged misconduct and for a decision to be reached on how your employer shall deal with the incident. if you employer does not have a specific disciplinary policy, then the acas code of conduct on disciplinary and grievance should be used. your employer should have written to you, explaining the allegations in sufficient detail so you understand what you are being accused of. again, you should be provided with the notes of any investigations prior to your disciplinary meeting.

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the disciplinary meeting will be stressful, and you may find it difficult to concisely formulate your thoughts under pressure in the meeting. the point to be made here is that you are a valuable employee to your employer and these positive characteristics should be consider against the alleged misconduct. my client came to see me just after her employer had concluded the investigation stage of their disciplinary process and on the face of it, the evidence against her was very damning. i advised my client that to put herself in the best possible position she needed to prepare a detailed statement to submit to her disciplinary hearing. i explained the statement should include: “once again, thank you for your support in this matter and i would have no hesitation in recommending you or your company in the future….

if it is not, you ought to purpose this resolute your leader. it may mean that any call they create is unfair. this implies your leader thinks you’re not doing all of your jobs to a tolerable degree, or 3. maybe you have been on a semipermanent leave of absence. if you are doing not understand or don’t have all this info, enkindle it and for the meeting to be delayed till you’ve got it and have had time to think about it. if anyone may support your case, you ought to raise them if they’d be willing to administer proof for you. you can’t force anyone to administer proof if they do not wish to. your leader should place their disciplinary procedure in writing, and create it simply on the market to all or any employees it ought to embrace the principles, what performance and behavior would possibly result in disciplinary action, and what action your leader would possibly take.

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your leader will suspend you whereas the problem is looked into and if you’re, you ought to be told why you are being suspended. to form it clear that this is not a penalty, the suspension ought to get on full pay. it’s up to you whether or not you go with this, however, you ought to bear in mind that your leader could take more disciplinary action if you do not. you ought to tend copies of any info that comes out of the investigation. if you opt you want to resign from your job, your leader will still opt to persevere with the disciplinary investigation if they want. if your leader hasn’t explained within the statement the explanations why they need a reason to discipline you, they need to elucidate this before the meeting. 3. be at a time that has given you sufficient time to arrange.