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ethical wall policy template is a ethical wall policy sample that gives infomration on ethical wall policy design and format. when designing ethical wall policy example, it is important to consider ethical wall policy template style, design, color and theme. ☑ granular control is offered based on groups, domains and users and applied dynamically based on the context of the communication ☑ policies can also be applied to flexibly control the types of communication such as direct messages, file sharing, screen sharing, audio and video sphereshield ethical wall – information barriers enables you to block and control voice, files, chat, video and screen sharing. obtain complete information regarding violation attempts for training and awareness. rules are configured in a simple and intuitive web interface for ease of usage for compliance administrators.

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sphereshield ethical wall – information barriers for slack can be used both as a saas where no installation is required, or installed in the customer’s dmz or cloud (azure, aws, etc.) sphereshield’s ethical wall (information barriers) for slack was designed as a ready-to-serve tool with the focus on granularity. these regulations require blocking communications where there can be conflict of interests, for example, when investors talk with researchers that possess non-public information healthcare institutions that need to comply with regulations such as hipaa, need to control communications that could contain sensitive patient information. sphereshield can be used to create policies such as restricting a 12th grader from communicating with a 5th grader.

the purpose of this slide onscreen now is that this concept has also been called chinese wall in a poetic nod to the ming dynasty’s great wall in china. the concept of the ethical wall is a screening barricade that must be established within a business, it can be a law firm in this context, to protect clients by restraining access to information in order to prevent conflicts of interest between associates. both in amicus attorney and in abacuslaw there is dysfunction where using tools in the system, you can run a conflict of interest check. within the organization, you have that level of control, where individually you can grant access to a case file and the information that’s captured within it. of course, the ethical wall is exactly what you want to create in that type of scenario.

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that is how in the amicus attorney program you can pull up a file or you can pull up a contact and grant or restrict access to any person with any file simply by granting it, you simply would not apply a restriction. it may be that if a work group is too broad, i can go in and select the three or the five members of that work group, but it’s a nice way to make sure i have that visibility. this is built into the software and is available to you as part of your subscription to either of the case management programs that we mentioned in our discussion. the flip-side of that is if you go to your matters list in the abacuslaw program or in amicus attorney, you would not see the matter name on your list. the goal of the ethical wall is to prevent access to it, however, if you do have access and you’re granted access, you can actually pull that up in the program. then, the first instance of that case in your case management system will already have viewing privileges applied to it, which is i think a requirement.