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built to last with unique marine-grade recycled plastic, this trellis is unyielding to rot and deterioration. standing an impressive 6ft tall, our fan trellis provides a beautiful backdrop for growing flowers, vines, or vegetables. this product is assembled with 304-grade stainless steel hardware and comes with the assurance of a manufacturer’s 12-year residential limited warranty. sure to make an artistic statement in your landscape, this iron garden trellis is far removed from your everyday lattice or bamboo stakes. two long, sturdy stakes ensure secure placement of this wrought iron garden trellis which will look equally lovely against a wall or free-standing in a flower bed. the fan trellis is a simple and elegant support for climbers. these will provide the perfect surface for vertical plant growth.. maureen. compared with other materials, it will not rust even if it is exposed to wind and rain for a long time.

protect flowers, plants, and climbing vines with this expandable pyramid design in your garden. this classic willow double fan trellis makes good plant support for your container gardening or over-climbing vines and roses in your garden. the sticks are skinless and the process of carbonizing deepens the color of the smooth willow wood sticks to a rich caramel color. this means less of a chance of insect infestation and the wood will age to a grey color. the ovals trellis is a simple, wrought iron support for small to medium vining plants that fits into a modern or retro 50’s garden theme. the butterfly trellis is a simple and elegant support for smaller vining plants. stake several in a row to support a “living fence” or garden divider. the grid helps train it and prevent it from turning into shrubs.

this year, i am going to use the right materials (cedar and exterior screws) to allow me more than one season’s use of my trellis. and the best part is, you can make it exactly the size and shape that is right for your space. follow along and you’ll be ready to plant cucumbers, clematis, or (my personal favorite) hops! it is important to use cedar because cedar resists weather and insects. i like to leave the center 1×2 two feet longer than the rest of the pieces and cut it into a point (as shown below) so that i can drive it into the ground with a rubber mallet. cut your middle 1×2 to eight feet long, unless you are not sinking your trellis into the ground. stack the five vertical pieces making sure they are equal at the top. push the galvanized bolts through the stack and tighten the nuts. get longer bolts and you won’t have to do this.)

using your feet to keep the outside pieces fanned out, drill pilot holes, and attach the cut piece near the top of the outer 1x2s. feel free to skip measuring and eyeball the sizes and spacing. cut your horizontal pieces and attach the vertical supports by pre-drilling and securing with the screws. for added stability, you can wrap a wire loop around one of the top supports and attach to the wall. i wish i had an after picture of a beautiful vine covering my ugly shed, but that will have to wait a few months. i’m lara, the creator of the unprofessional blog and youtube channel. i’ve drilled holes in the wrong places, cut on the wrong lines and stripped more screws than i care to count. and yet, i’m on my way to customizing my home, project by project. i like to find challenges and solve them with my miter saw. i love to share these solutions with others in hopes that the empowerment and love of power tools spreads.

grow vertically and spruce up your garden landscape area with the gronomics expandable fan trellis. while saving space you will maximize your growing area thealyn 4 pack fan-shaped metal garden trellis, plant stakes for vines and climbing plants,10″ wide x 23″ high (green) $29.99$29.99. 72” tall trellis can be placed in the ground or mounted to a wall; traditional fan design gives plants a place to grow or climb; rich cedar color, garden trellis, garden trellis, obelisk trellis, garden obelisk, rose trellis.

shop for wood fan trellis at save money. live better. the fan trellis is a simple and elegant support for climbers. the four ribs of the fan are held apart by an arching cross-piece that slips over the ends and the find fan garden trellises at lowe’s today. shop garden trellises and a variety of lawn & garden products online at, barrel trellis.

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