fe13 fire suppression

these clean agents are identified as such because of their chemical compatibility with the atmosphere and environment. clean agents are used in total flooding applications to protect enclosures that are often occupied by people, contain sensitive electronic equipment or high value commodities that may be sensitive to the application of water by traditional sprinkler systems. the non-conductive and non-corrosive characteristics of gaseous agents make their application in areas containing sensitive electronic equipment ideal.

these agents are designed to interfere with the chemical combustion process of fire. gaseous fire systems are designed with the intent of fire extinguishment as opposed to fire control normally provided by a traditional fire sprinkler system. gaseous systems include a fixed amount of agent stored under pressure in containers that is discharged through a limited network of piping to nozzles located within the protected area. maintaining agent concentration levels for 10 minutes is important in preventing the recurrence of fire.

fe-13 is a high-pressure clean agent manufactured by dupont. the agent leaves no residue when discharged in a fire or non-fire situation. fe-13 efficiently fe-13 helps to extinguish the fire by absorbing the heat and preventing further chemical reactions. it has a low toxicity and is safe for protecting areas where fe-13 (hfc- designation) is an efficient clean agent fire suppressant utilized in various environments that require fire protection while, fe 13 gas, fe 13 gas, fe-13 vs fm200, fe-13 element, dupont fe-13.

safe for people; does not leave a residue; electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive; eliminates water damage. typical applications include: data center fe-13 extinguishes fires by both physical and chemical means. primarily, it raises the total heat capacity of the environment to the point that the atmosphere fe-13™ fire extinguishing agent is a hydrofluorocarbon (hfc) with the ashrae designation of hfc-23 and is manufactured by chemours., fm-200, novec 1230, fe16, fe10, fe9, free fire, fire emblem, fei3, fe-25, fe15.

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