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the fire and life safety public counter in sacramento will remain open for plan review plans/documents drop-off only. all plan review submittals shall be either shipped to the plan review division for on-paper reviews, and/or submitted electronically via govmotus. there is a direct relationship with the california fire service through their requests for assistance, training and code interpretation as well as partnering in the code development process and the resolution to code related issues within the various jurisdictions..within the framework of the fire and life safety division is the plan review section. they are reviewed in the order received and returned back to the architect for correction of items identified in the review.

if all of the comments have been corrected, the original plans are stamped approved, and a letter of approval is given to the architect. the state fire marshal’s plan review section is responsible for the review of construction plans submitted for all state occupied building projects. osfm fire and life safety has begun the electronic plan review program as of march 2020. please see the plan review submittal requirements information link below for required changes to the submittal drawings and process. to learn more go to the office of the state fire marshal govmotus webpage.

mission the mission of the fire and life safety section (flss) is to reduce injury, life loss and property loss by advancing the field of fire prevention and life safety with leadership and vision for fire safety professionals. if not, contact to reactivate your email. the flss board of directors invites fire marshals and all others interested in fire and life safety issues to join the iafc and the flss. the flss corporate partnership program (pdf) supplements membership dues to more fully develop important fire and life safety priorities and programs. flss board members attend numerous technical meetings to voice their position on matters of importance to the fire service and flss members represent the iafc on nfpa 13, nfpa 72, nfpa 1037, nfpa 1124 and nfpa 1730. fire team usa is a resource that brings enhanced fire protection programs to your community free of charge.

fire team usa’s programs create the partnerships you need to improve your public policy on fire protection. for more information, visit kidde is the world’s largest manufacturer of residential fire safety products. kidde’s mission is to provide solutions that protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards. consumers will find that same advanced fire safety technology in kidde’s residential and commercial smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and other life safety products. for more information, visit 4795 meadow wood lane, suite 100w, chantilly, va 20151 | tel: 703-273-0911 | fax: 703-273-9363 © 1999 – 2022 international association of fire chiefs.

leading the way for fire alarm companies, fire & life safety america offers big company resources with small company attention to their fire safety services. when it comes to fire prevention and protection, safety is not something we can take for granted. the nfpa fire & life safety ecosystem™ is a framework that fire and life safety issues are critical to evaluating existing facilities, as well as to designing new facilities. codes and standards are part of a dynamic, .

fire and life safety systems fire alarm system fire sprinkler system carbon monoxide detection fire doors portable fire extinguishers. fire and life safety is the main entity within the department for the application of laws and regulations related to fire prevention, life safety, fire mission the mission of the fire and life safety section (flss) is to reduce injury, life loss and property loss by advancing the field of fire prevention and, .

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