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passalert is a new fire safety device that can save your life. passalert is an ingenious and revolutionary device that has built in wi-fi capabilities and walks a user through a proper and effective pass technique. passalert can also instruct someone unfamiliar with a fire extinguisher during an emergency that can give your family peace of mind. passalert is a new safety device that is used with a fire extinguisher. the other is an attachable device that you can buy and attach to an existing fire extinguisher.

it was created, tested, and approved by firefighters and is very simple to use, being in a state of panic when there is a fire near. “this needs to be in every location that currently has a fire extinguisher. this could be huge in the amount of people it saves,” says captain john davis, a fire prevention officer. the passalert device is registered under a public us patent number 7907048. passalert has provided technical data on their website as well as downloadable brochures for the device. tags: fire extinguisher, fire protection, home fire protection, jeff werner, pass alert, pass alert device, passalert, passalert is a fire extinguisher accessory device that has built in wifi capabilities and walks a user through a proper and effective pass technique.

discover the best fire safety in best sellers. amazon smart air quality monitor – know your air, works with alexa– a certified for humans device. (425 ilcs 12/5) sec. 5. fire protection devices neither designed nor capable of function. (a) the manufacture, installation, or sale of any device or object fire-barrier products (also called firestops) help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. fire blankets smother small fires or provide a protective wrap to, .

smoke alarms are designed to detect, not control, a fire. home fire sprinklers complement the alarms’ work, providing a way to fight flames immediately. before the fire department can reach your home, sprinklers can prevent a fire from spreading and even extinguish a fire. fire and life safety systems fire alarm system fire sprinkler system carbon monoxide detection fire doors portable fire extinguishers. passalert is a new fire safety device that can save your life. in an emergency, every second counts. passalert is an ingenious and revolutionary fire extinguishers smoke alarms carbon monoxide alarms fireplace & smoking safety., . fire safety equipment to keep in your homecarbon monoxide alarms. carbon monoxide (co) is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas. smoke detectors. smoke alarms are essential in detecting fires to give you and your family an early warning. fire extinguishers. fire escape ladders.

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