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first, it may be helpful to dispel some common and potentially harmful misconceptions many people have about fire sprinklers and how they work. continue reading to learn how fire sprinklers actually work so that you and your property can be better prepared in the event of a fire. once the bulb breaks, the sprinkler system’s water will be released through the automatic sprinkler and will flow down and out over the fire, suppressing the fire and preventing it from spreading and re-igniting. there is some variance among fire sprinkler systems as to where the water is stored and how it gets to the sprinkler head upon activation.

whether it is after a fire is extinguished, or when an automatic sprinkler malfunctions or a pipe breaks, the system will have to be manually shut off so that water flow is halted and the activated or malfunctioning automatic sprinkler can be repaired/replaced before the system is reset. on the main risers – the pipes connecting the fire sprinkler system to the water supply – there will be water control valves that allow you to turn the water flow off and on. but, in the event of a malfunctioning or damaged automatic sprinkler or pipe, it may be pertinent to know where the control valve is so that you can shut off the water and prevent needless water damage. mechanical elements of the system are to be tested quarterly, and switches every six months. while facility owners or staff members can do some of the basic inspections, testing and full inspections need to be carried out by professionals to ensure a truly functioning system that will effectively protect life and property.

a fire sprinkler system can prevent property damage and reduce the risk of injury to workers, customers, or tenants. understanding how a fire sprinkler system works can help you determine the right kind of system for your property. sprinkler systems detect a fire through rising temperatures. however, the way water is stored and is delivered through pipes depends on the type of fire sprinkler system. dry pipe systems store water behind a valve that needs to be released before the water can flow through the pipes and out of the sprinkler head. instead, a fire alarm releases the water and a valve must be manually closed to stop the flow of water.

in dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems, pressurized air is used to fill the pipes instead of water filling the pipes. fire sprinkler system detects rising temperatures at each individual sprinkler head and goes off only when the fire reaches that sprinkler. deluge sprinkler systems release water from every sprinkler head once a fire alarm goes off and are used in facilities with flammable or combustible liquids where the threat of fire is extremely high. quarterly, alarm devices and control valves should be inspected. every year, full testing and tagging should include water flow, fire pump, antifreeze concentration, and alarm tests. in order for you to be fully protected, your fire sprinkler system must be working properly. highly trained staff are also able to diagnose and repair problems with your fire sprinkler system.

fire sprinklers work because high heat triggers the sprinkler system. when a blaze ignites, the air directly above it heats rapidly. sprinklers are so effective because they react so quickly. they reduce the risk of death or injury from a fire because they dramatically reduce heat, flames, according to the home fire sprinkler coalition, sprinklers can extinguish small fires in as little as 90 seconds using less than one tenth as, fire sprinkler temperature, fire sprinkler temperature, fire sprinkler system diagram, fire sprinkler system pdf, fire sprinkler system installation.

fire sprinklers are very simple. the sprinkler is just a plug that holds back water in a pipe similar to your other plumbing pipes. heat from dry pipe fire sprinklers: in a dry pipe system, pressurized air fills the pipes behind the automatic sprinklers while the water is kept back when the sprinkler head is triggered, a valve to the pipe system is opened, releasing the water that is kept under pressure from the pipes. the, fire sprinkler types, types of residential fire sprinkler systems, do fire sprinklers detect smoke, 4 types of sprinkler systems pdf.

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