firefighter air packs

scba provides firefighters breathable air, under pressure, to allow them to operate safely in environments that are inherently dangerous to life or health (idlh). all firefighters who use scba must understand proper function of the equipment, limitations for use, and care and maintenance to ensure each scba is service-ready for the next emergency response.

this grant subsidized a majority of the cost of new scba equipment for the entire department membership, which not only provides the latest and safest scba technology but also does so at minimal cost to tax paying residents of the guilderland fire district. in addition to learning the form, fit and function of the equipment in detail, members had the opportunity to break down and completely reassemble the equipment and don the scba “on air” to better familiarize themselves with its operation and enhanced safety features.

the self-contained breathing apparatus, or scba, is the foundational tool that provides the greatest amount of airway protection from toxic gas and harmful this advanced air mask features seven life-safety design components. it is the highest quality scba available and is virtually bulletproof against fire ground air to breathe is the single most important commodity in a fire and one that is often taken for granted. not all self-contained breathing apparatus (scba) are, .

portable air (not oxygen) tanks with regulators which allow firefighters to breathe while in toxic smoke conditions. usually rated for 30 minutes of service. used primarily on fires involving structures or hazardous materials. self-contained breathing apparatus (scba) revolutionized firefighter safety and effectiveness, allowing firefighters to go deeper into dangerous a self-contained breathing apparatus (scba) is a critical piece of personal protective equipment (ppe) that firefighters rely on during emergency responses they are typically used in firefighting and industry. the term self-contained means that the scba is not dependent on a remote supply of breathing gas (e.g., .

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