firefighter rappelling gear

firefighter bailout kits give firefighters a way of escaping from the higher floors in a home or building in the case of an advancing fire. been included in the bailout kits that could help firefighters escape in the event they are trapped on an upper floor. they do not cover some of the most basic elements of what is needed to ensure that a firefighter can safely escape, such as the use of the stronger, more durable, and lighter weight ropes that are available today. one team spent time researching biometrics and testing different materials to determine what would be a better solution to the outdated materials in their kits. based on the findings of the expert firefighters, firefighter bailout kits can now be personalized with materials that will better secure a firefighter who needs to rappel out of a dangerous situation.

this matters because there are different ways to anchor the rope, as well as different types of materials that should be used in the different settings so that the rope does not burn. you will need to consider how many kits to have if you manage the department. you will need to take extra time to consider the rope that will be used in your kit. in the event of an emergency, you want to ensure that you know how to properly secure the rope so that you are not risking your safety further. if staff members have had a chance to use the kits, they will be more likely to use them correctly if the time comes when the kits are needed.

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