fixing sprinkler heads

of all the possible things that can go wrong with a residential irrigation system in florida, those associated with sprinkler heads are the easiest to spot by property owners. similarly to a shower head in the bathroom, the head of a lawn sprinkler can become clogged with debris, causing a decrease in water pressure. high or fluctuating water pressure can cause spray heads to mist or fog, which may result in areas not getting proper coverage and potential damage to the lawn irrigation system. you can also control excessive pressure at the point of distribution by switching to spray heads and rotors that feature a pressure regulating stem.

however, leaks in your sprinkler system are not only the result of faulty sprinkler heads; they can also be caused by improper installation, freeze damage during winter, or damage due to mowing, digging, and other landscaping activities. how to fix it: a quick fix to this problem is to step down lightly on the stem while the irrigation system is operating. how to fix it: to repair tilted and sunken heads and correct the spray pattern, all you need to do is manually lift and straighten the head by packing soil around it until it is level with the ground. your best bet is to talk to a licensed lawn irrigation contractor in your area to see what causes the sprinkler head issues you’re facing and how to fix them with minimum costs for you and the environment.

if you have an automatic sprinkler system in your yard, chances are you have experienced a broken sprinkler head before. read on to learn how to replace a sprinkler head. if your sprinkler is unable to properly cover the desired area (nozzle issue), doesn’t pop up when your sprinklers turn on, or is completely broken off (see the result in the image to the right), you will need to replace the head with a new one. before you even begin the installation process you will need to find the right sprinkler head to attach to your system. this can be done by looking at your old head, your old parts list, or by asking a professional. keep in mind that your sprinkler system parts don’t have to exactly match.

installing a new sprinkler head is one of the easiest fixes when it comes to your sprinklers. it will only take a little of your time and is rather inexpensive when done by yourself. now that you know how to fix sprinkler heads, you can see how easy it is. if you are having problems with the sprinkler heads in your yard don’t go another day with them not working. note: the likely reason that sprinklers are ruined by lawn mowers is their inability to drop down once the water pressure is gone. this is often caused by the dirt of one kind or another in the water. related resources:how to find a sprinkler leakreplacing a sprinkler valvesprinkler maintenance checklistwhen to water your lawn

lay down plastic sheeting next to the broken sprinkler head. then use a garden spade to cut an 8-in. circle around the old head. pry out the sod if the riser is damaged, the good news is that replacing sprinkler head risers is easy. if the riser came out with the sprinkler head, simply dig up the grass 6–8 inches (15–20 cm) around the sprinkler just enough to expose the fitting and unscrew the faulty head. then, screw the new head on in its, .

to adjust a stationary sprinkler head, find the spray radius adjustment screw on top of the nozzle. you may need to adjust it slightly to point step 1: expose the broken sprinkler head step 2: remove the broken spray head step 4: fit the new sprinkler head step 5: test the new spray head step 6: how to fix it: if a sprinkler head is only partially clogged, use a paper clip or a piece of stiff wire to clear the hole. for heads that are, .

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