fruit seeds

with our huge selection of fruit seeds, plants, trees and vines, you’ll be able to do just that. they are so sweet and delicious that the biggest problem you’ll have is trying to get any into the kitchen! gone are the flavorless fruit from the grocery store. blueberries can be placed anywhere in your yard as a landscape plant. they’ll be covered in bell-shaped white flowers in the spring, followed by the edible blueberries.

another fruit seed that can be direct sown in the garden is melons. today, there are lots of melon fruit seeds that can be directly sown in the home garden and successfully grown even in the north. the fruit tree seeds of the pomegranates are edible along with the fig seeds. prefer to grow indoors or live in the north? the trovita orange tree is also a great candidate along with lemon and lime trees.

earlier this year, just as i set out to buy seeds for my garden, the pandemic struck, and i had to wait for quite some time to get seeds. increasingly, large multi-national seed companies have pushed to reduce the variety of seeds that farmers use and encouraged farmers to rely on the technologically-manipulated seeds these companies produce. to support biodiversity and out of genuine curiosity, i intend to buy seeds from a variety of suppliers and seed companies over the next several months to ensure i have plenty of seeds next spring and do my part to protect diverse and heirloom varieties of plants, vegetables, and flowers in our ecosystem. seed savers is a non-profit organization that sells seeds and also maintains a seed library to protect the biodiversity of seeds. i can’t wait to try out some of the seeds she has.

although they are larger, they are a privately-held, employee-owned company committed to non-gmo seeds and protecting the biodiversity of seeds in our food supply. dollar seed is a small business that sells non-gmo, organic, and heirloom seeds for $1.00 per pack of seeds. they even have a special call for art to celebrate the intersection of art and gardening each year. i love that they sort their seeds by attribute to help categorize seeds that are good for container gardening, grow quickly, are great for indoors, and more. who knows how it will work out, and it’s a great way to connect with your community.

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