garden landscape design

do you simply want to enjoy an enhanced beauty in the privacy of your backyard? do-it-yourselfers must first learn the basic designing elements that underlie the discipline of landscape design. as for scale, it is simply the size of one component relative to adjacent components. the form of individual components of a plant also needs to be considered.

in planning a landscape design it is necessary to work with the “principles” that stem directly from the basic elements. a garden design that is out of proportion is one that is marred by abrupt transitions or by the lack of transition. one way is through the use of landscape plants that vary in texture. the objective of utilizing such a motif is to direct eye movement, unconsciously, in a manner that is most conducive to appreciating the home landscape design in question. home landscape design is the province not of wizardry, but of planning, problem-solving and a “principled” approach.

the joy of a garden is that you can watch it grow over many years and therefore i think it is best to stick to a simple, classical design. compost and good soil are two of the first steps towards a wonderful garden (see our guide to how to make compost for more information. it also likes to be fed in the winter so feed it throughout the year and you will have a good hedge within 3-4 years. the division can be a wall or a hedge, and it will probably also act as a windbreak. consider the style of your garden when laying out the paths – you want soft, wavy shapes for a romantic garden, but try to retain straight lines and symmetry for a more formal one. choose a point of interest if possible in the distance and open up the garden to that vista, making sure of course that you are not creating a wind tunnel at the same time.

for a border to look good all year round, you need to have a strong base of perennials among which you thread the stars of each month. this can either have a planting of spring bulbs around the outer edge or a permanent planting with hellebores and euphorbias. every garden should have water for the birds alone, but it also produces a calming effect in any garden and can be useful if you live by a road or train to have a fountain which muffles the noise. in that case consider growing wisteria to cover it – wisteria sinensis‘prolific’ is a good one for a pergola, easy to prune and the bees love it. when it comes to borders, as a rule of old-fashioned thumb, if your border is far away, then you can use strong oranges, reds and blues which will make it seem closer. and there is nothing like a contrast of green planting to really understand about texture in a garden.

landscape design is an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practiced by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. in contemporary practice, landscape design bridges the space between landscape architecture and garden design. if you don’t have a green thumb, consider simple and easy-to-implement landscape design ideas, such as grass, gravel pathways, water features, statues, wood landscape design ideas to transform your backyard or front yard. updating your home’s landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and three principles of garden design apply to the overall “feel” of the landscape: namely, proportion, transition and unity., landscaping ideas for front of house, landscape design app, landscape design app, small garden landscape design, landscape garden.

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