garden secateurs

with all of this in mind, it can actually be quite a daunting task when selecting this essential tool and it’s easy to make mistakes. the motion is easiest to picture as a knife on a chopping board, which is ideal for cutting through deadwood and larger branches. they offer two positions on the safety catch to suit both small and large hands and the blade features a useful wire-cutting notch and can be replaced using the supplied spanner.

we loved the useful oil sponge, which is supplied as part of the handle to clean and lubricate the blades after use. the blade cutting diameter can vary from 10 to 30mm depending on the size and type of secateurs you have. this is useful if you want to save on waste and replace the necessary parts rather than the entire item. this is a useful addition as it means the secateurs can suit both small and large hand grips.

pruning shears, also called hand pruners (in american english), or secateurs (in british english), are a type of scissors for use on plants. the world’s first anvil pruners were developed and produced in 1923 by walther schröder in kiel, germany. anvil pruners have only one blade, which closes onto a flat surface; unlike bypass blades it can be sharpened from both sides and remains reliable when slightly blunt. the anvil is made of a material softer than the blade, so that the blade is not damaged when it meets the anvil. for this reason, the blades of anvil pruners can be ground thinner than those on bypass pruners. when the pruners are open, the blade is longer than the anvil thanks to the eccentric bearing.

because they crush the stem they are cutting, anvil pruners are best for use on dead wood. [2] parrot-beak pruners consist of two concave passing blades, which trap the stem between them to make the cut. [4] a spring between the handles causes the jaws to open again after closing. there are also longer versions called telescopic pruners, which are adjustable for long-reach and operate by means of a rod system inside of a telescoping pole between the handles and the blades. the disadvantages are the quick corrosion and staining. titanium is stronger, has higher corrosion resistance, and has about half the density (weight) of steel.

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