handover procedure template

handover procedure template is a handover procedure sample that gives infomration on handover procedure design and format. when designing handover procedure example, it is important to consider handover procedure template style, design, color and theme. a construction handover is the process of transferring a construction project from the contractor to the client or owner. it’s important to hold this meeting so the construction project team and the owner can review the project together, ensure handover documentation is correct and foster a positive relationship throughout completion. there are several common hiccups that occur during the construction handover phase that can make the workflow longer and add costs to the project budget. managing and organizing all the necessary documentation required for a construction project can be a challenge.

handover procedure format

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one way to do this is by creating a project handover checklist within your construction management software, detailing all items that will be needed during the handover. once a project is no longer in the contractor’s ownership, it’s up to the homeowner to maintain and care of it. offer post-handover support to the client, including addressing any issues that may arise after the handover and providing ongoing assistance if needed. the documentation that should be included in a construction handover typically consists of project plans, specifications, permits, certificates, warranties, as-built drawings and any other relevant documentation related to the construction project. we believe in building a community for construction – sharing is a big part of that.