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ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication. outdoor hanging plants are really any plant you choose to grow in a hanging planter. you can even make a hanging planter out of recycled materials, like an old tire. hanging baskets are most commonly used for ornamental plants. here are a few outdoor hanging plants to try for your patio. these do well in containers, especially as outdoor hanging plants. a full sun patio is the perfect spot for a hanging geranium. there are many species of shade-loving begonia with fabulous flowers and foliage. not all begonias are well-suited to hanging planters, but a cascading begonia looks stunning as an outdoor hanging plant. their cheerful trumpet-shaped blooms come in a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns.

if you love the look of trailing plants in outdoor hanging baskets, opt for a wave petunia. for the warm climate gardener, string of pearls makes a great outdoor hanging plant. small, spherical leaves dot its stems to create a beautiful trailing plant. the common hardy fuchsia, also called hummingbird fuchsia, has vibrant blooms with white or purple centers. they bloom all season and are one of the best plants for attracting hummingbirds. a specialty succulent shop or website is most likely to have this lovely outdoor hanging plant. big, bushy ferns make elegant outdoor hanging plants. hang some on a front porch to increase curb appeal. ferns do cascade over the edge of a hanging basket, but they’re full at the top, too. here’s another plant that is easy to propagate and can be grown indoors or outdoors. if you’re someone who likes to root cuttings for friends, this is a good outdoor hanging plant for you.

there are dozens of ways to make a hanging planter so that both the container and the plant adds color and charm to a space. read on for some of our favorite indoor and outdoor hanging plants—and check where you are on the usda plant hardiness zone chart to make sure the blooms will prosper in your area. yes, that summery favorite of fruit-forward desserts is also an easy plant to grow in a hanging container! and of course you get the benefit of the fruit! also known as the “purple shamrock” or “false shamrock,” oxalis triangularis is a colorful hanging plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. know that fuchsias don’t bode well in hot climates, but they are great as hanging plants for summer and will attract hummingbirds. you can also grow them in cooler climates and in the shade.

just one of these hummingbird-friendly plants can fill a whole container, whether in sun or shade. commonly known as fan flower, the drought-tolerant plant boasts beautiful blue, fan-shaped flowers that look lovely in any hanging basket. this easy-to-grow foliage plant works well indoors and can survive in darker, low-light interiors. their voluminous flowers also make petunias ideal for hanging baskets, but know that some varieties do require a bit of trimming and deadheading. while most are annuals, some nasturtiums will also grow as perennials in zones 9-11. commonly referred to as million bells or trailing petunia, the pretty-in-pink plant is a container garden go-to for its fast-growing florals and variety of colors. how sweet this plant variety truly is—both heat- and drought-resistant, the white blooms can handle a handful of regions in the u.s., specifically milder environments. self-seeding, easy-to-grow pansies prefer cooler weather, namely in the late fall and early spring. you may already know and love this yellow-and-green-hued houseplant inside your home, but you can grow them in hanging baskets outdoors too.

running out of room for your garden? go vertical! here are some of our favorite plants for hanging baskets. what are outdoor hanging plants? to find the best outdoor hanging plants for your space, think about your growing conditions. for a shady porch, consider staghorn ferns, 1-48 of over 5,000 results for “hanging plants outdoor”. results. price and other details may vary based on product size and color., cascading plants for hanging baskets, cascading plants for hanging baskets, hanging plants images with names, hanging plants for balcony, low-maintenance outdoor hanging plants philippines.

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