herb seeds

herbs have been and still are used in preserving food, flavoring foods, scenting our clothing and homes and for medicinal purposes. if this is the year you want to add growing herbs to your vegetable garden, park seed has a broad selection of herb seeds to start your adventure. growing herb seeds indoors is not difficult as long as you have enough light. planting organic herbs in the vegetable garden is ideal. think about how you will prepare your veggies for meals and plant the herbs you will need.

this is a culinary herb that is easy to grow and essential in italian-style cooking. many herbs are good companion plants for the vegetables you are growing. the attractive blue flowers of borage will attract lots of pollinators to your garden as well. calendula flowers have been used in salves by people to soothe skin irritations, but it also is a companion plant in the vegetable garden and will repel bad bugs while attracting the good insects. the benefits of herbs goes on and on.

we conserve and promote america’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. grow flavorful herbs and brighten your dinner plate – from classic favorites like cilantro and thyme seeds, to rare and heirloom varieties like mrs. burn’s lemon basil and grandma einck’s dill, perfect for gardens, containers, and even growing indoors. shop our selection of herb plants, too, and get a head start on gardening. organic: certified organic seeds are grown in organic soil and are only exposed to inputs (like fertilizer and pest controls) permitted by the usda’s national organic program during its growing, processing, and packaging periods. non-gmo: seeds that have not undergone “the mechanical transfer of genetic material outside of natural reproductive methods and between genera, families or kingdoms” as stated in the safe seed pledge.

herb seeds, including culinary and medicinal herbs. field-tested by our research team for exceptional performance. non-gmo. organic options. shop online for herb seeds & plants at park seed. grow culinary or decorative herbs for fragrances, cooking & tea. find basil, rosemary, lavender, garden to table: 12 popular herb seeds carefully selected for your favorite recipes. nothing tastes better than food cooked with fresh, home grown herbs and, .

buy quality herb seeds and plants at burpee. find your favorite herbs such as basil, chives, cilantro, parsley, lavender, mint, oregano, and a huge herb seeds. grow flavorful herbs and brighten your dinner plate – from classic favorites like cilantro and thyme seeds, to rare and heirloom varieties like non-gmo heirloom herb seeds. whether you are familiar with or new to growing herbs, an herb garden in its peak, is a truly stunning, .

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