horticultural sand

horticultural sand is an ingredient found in some recipes for seed starting mixes, commonly mixed with peat and perlite. if you can’t find horticultural sand at local stores, look for sharp sand, horticultural grit, or grit. for all intents and purposes, horticultural sand is the same thing as sharp sand and is similar to builders sand and horticultural grit. in a seedling or potting mix, gritty sand does more than promote drainage, improving the soil’s structure, providing tiny spaces for air and water to move around, and making it easier for roots to grow through the medium. different types of stone have different ph levels, so try to find out what type of stone is used in the grit or sand to help gauge how acidic or alkaline it is. prices for these materials may depend on availability in your area, but builders sand is most likely to be the cheapest, followed by sharp sand.

builders sand is not the same thing as play sand or sandbox sand, which are made of finer, rounder grains, similar to beach sand. mixing fine sand into your starter mix will turn it into cement. coarse builders sand is sold in the masonry department of big home centers and through masonry and landscaping materials suppliers. if you can’t find the appropriate sand, you can always try a different seed starting mix that doesn’t require you to use horticultural sand. you could also simply swap the horticultural sand for finished compost or vermicompost, which offer the added benefit of introducing rich nutrients into what might be an otherwise inert mix. finished compost looks and feels like dark, crumbly soil rather than the organic matter (such as vegetable scraps) that you originally put in your compost pile.

and luckily, you can do something to improve the soil’s drainage and save your plants from oxygen deprivation. most gardening experts recommend you use horticultural sand to improve drainage in your garden. the end goal of incorporating sand into your garden is to create spaces within soil particles, to improve water movement and aeration. while builders’ sand can significantly improve the drainage of your soil, the size of the grains determines how effective it will be. the grains should be larger and coarser than those of play sand for substantial drainage improvement to occur. below are suggestions on when and why to use sand for gardening: seeds and cuttings rooting does exceptionally well in a soilless mixture of sand and compost (or peat). outdoor plants benefit significantly from the natural drainage of most soil types, which is non-existent in potted plants.

to improve the water drainage and maintain good air circulation, add some sand to your potting mix. many experts recommend you get sand into the top nine inches of your soil for best results in improving drainage. the waterlogging eventually leads to the hardening of the soil and can kill the grass quickly. in the unlikely event, you can’t find good builders sand for your garden, there are alternatives other than horticultural sand for improving drainage. though not as long lasting as builder’s sand, large pieces of undecomposed barks will do the trick. also, partially decomposed compost and other organic materials can be added to improve drainage and nutrients in the soil. and improving the drainage of your soil should not be a break-the-bank situation either.

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