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hr policies and procedures template is a hr policies and procedures sample that gives infomration on hr policies and procedures design and format. when designing hr policies and procedures example, it is important to consider hr policies and procedures template style, design, color and theme. hr policies are an important part of how your business is structured and regulated to ensure compliance and actions consistent with culture. involving employees in the development of these policies can also help in ensuring that they are well-received and relevant to the needs of the workforce. a good place to start is by creating policies that are directly related to employee benefits and the rights and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer, as outlined in the employment contract. the purpose of a harassment policy, like this one from google, is to outline your company’s position in regards to appropriate and respectful conduct in the workplace, and to reinforce the responsibilities of all parties in achieving and maintaining a positive work environment.

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most hr policies are “living policies”; they need to be regularly updated and kept relevant. organizations such as the us department of labor’s occupational safety and health administration (osha) also require certain minimum standards be in place to protect the well-being of employees. how your policies are written and presented can therefore have a big impact on how they’re received by the people in your organization, and on the organizational culture you’re trying to develop. what hr or company policies do you think are essential for people, culture, and hr professionals to have in place for today’s organizations?

employees are the foundation of your company, and the development of smart hr procedures for hiring and recruitment ensures that the foundation is stable. every hr department should have clear policies and procedures in place for how to advertise positions, create applications, pre-qualify candidates, and move candidates along in the hiring process. from onboarding documents and i-9 forms to benefits paperwork and performance evaluations, hr departments are responsible for an incredible amount of sensitive employee data. for example, a federal judge recently finalized a $63 million settlement for a 2015 breach of data maintained by the office of personnel management that compromised employee information. one way to ensure that your employees’ data is secure is to use a centralized employee digital records management system.

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turnover is expensive—it’s estimated to cost a company 1.5-2 times the employee’s annual salary to replace them—so creating employee development strategies as part of hr procedures is critical. it’s the responsibility of hr to protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. managers are often unsure of how to handle these situations and morale suffers when it appears that an employee was arbitrarily punished or terminated. in order to focus on hr best practices and procedures, it’s important to minimize the time your team spends on employee digital records management. learn how digitizing your employee documents, making them available to access from home offices, and ensuring the security of paper and digital hr files is possible with access unify™ | active file service.

in addition to guiding employees and leaders about what’s expected of them, hr policies can help ensure that the company’s workforce is treated consistently and help minimize legal risks. several important functions of hr policies and procedures include: employees are hired and employed “at will,” which allows both the employer or the employee to terminate the employment at any time, as long as the reason is lawful. an anti-harassment policy is crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for employees. however, it’s important for companies to create and enforce social media policies that protect the reputation of the company while providing guidance on company accounts.

the drug and alcohol policy is essential to any workplace safety program. religious accommodations are a necessary aspect of ensuring equal treatment for all employees in the workplace. the aim of this process is to ensure that there is a consistent and fair approach to addressing any employee misconduct. this is a critical policy as companies continue to use supplemental workers, and the trend is growing. in summary, hr policies are integral to a company’s overall operations and hr strategy.