hula hoe

the weeder with the wiggle! introduced in 1961, the original hula ho weeder (a.k.a. stirrup hoe) forever changed the way gardeners weed and cultivate their gardens. includes a heat treated, self-sharpening blade that works beneath the soil surface to cut weeds at the roots with a back and forth motion. features: • “hula-action” cuts forward & backward • 54-inch hardwood handle • heat treated steel blade (replacement blades available) • original design is self sharpening • cuts close to walls and fences • warranty: 2-years • made in the usa grower’s tip: the hula-ho is perfect for jobs around gardens, beds, farms, etc. using a push/ pull motion on the handle, the double-edged blade — with its patented rocker action — slices away weeds and other undesirable growth, without displacing topsoil.

the hula garden hoe is stirrup-shaped with a sharp steel blade that slices through weeds and leaves the soil in place. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. this hula hoe is made of quality steel. high carbon steel blade. chrome plated frame. flexible moving head design. with 54″ long fiberglass handle made in i would have rated it 1 star but it is superior to a regular garden hoe with limitations. it will work in loose soil and on shallow rooted see more., .

musuos garden hoe-all steel hardened hollow hoe for weeding long handle hula hoe garden tool easy weeding and soil loosening durable and effectable weeding the zenport j1480 hula-ho, scuffle stirrup action hoe weeder and cultivator. great for weeding and cultivating around live growing plants. this stirrup action in production for over 60 years, this oscillating hoe is an outstanding cultivating tool that runs just below the soil surface to slice weeds off at the, .

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