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from invoices to other customer communications, their goal was to transfer as many paper-based communications to email as possible.what started as a way to simplify invoicing turned into a way to generate more revenue. i was tired of invoicing and sending all this paperwork. marlo sent the hydrawise promotional email in march, hoping to get some controllers installed before startup season kicked in. timing was a concern and, as a result of it being their first email marketing campaign, booker didn’t really know what to expect.“i’ll be honest, our timing was not good. the idea was to install the hydrawise controllers before we actually went and started up the system. i was hoping to get something out of it. the biggest hurdle was creating the template, and it’s not so much of a hurdle, because it’s kind of easy.” it’s safe to say the results exceeded expectations.

so i had people call or reply to the email ‘how much is this thing?’ but we ended up installing more than 50 controllers.”for marlo, that represented enough revenue to pay for the entire hindsite software suite for multiple years – which includes scheduling and routing, electronic field data capture and billing integration with quickbooks, as well as the connect pro add-on. “with the promotion that we did this spring, we included a $110 marlo management fee discount, so it was free. i want to show them the savings, this is what i did for you. and show them a report of that. everyone’s been happy.” as far as advice for other contractors about promoting hydrawise controllers, booker echoes a nike ad campaign. now to me is the time to do it. do it now.”

smart irrigation is made easy with your hydrawise wi-fi controller. simply use your web browser or mobile device to view, manage and monitor your irrigation hydrawise® software. type: water management. platform: iphone, android, web. maximum controllers: + hc. number of stations: 6, 12. type: fixed + x2™. perfect for residential and light commercial irrigation systems in any environment, the hc provides ultimate water savings and remote irrigation management, hydrawise manual, hydrawise manual, hydrawise home assistant, hydrawise app, hydrawise login.

hunter’s hydrawise controller – wifi enabled, controllable right from your smartphone! touchscreen interface makes programming easy. learn more below! want to sell more hydrawise controllers? hindsite software’s connect plus add-on can help you do that because it includes templates that make it easy., hydrawise pro hc, hydrawise app for pc, hydrawise app download, hydrawise support.

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