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but in between the two is a middle ground that’s somewhat less charming. each one is filled with sunlight and nearly overflowing with hundreds of different plants, from lemon trees to bonsais, coffee plants, and fragrant lavender—guaranteed to keep the winter blues at bay. and you can’t miss the show house, filled with scented plants like lavender and gardenias. the gardner’s indoor courtyard garden is in bloom all year round, featuring a rotating landscape every few months.

home to some of the oldest surviving restored greenhouses in the country, the lyman estate is full of history and picturesque plant life. but the long house, arguably, is the most exciting, with its white-polka-dotted begonias, carnivorous insect-eating plants, and the “sensitive plant,” whose leaves collapse in response to human touch. but a day-trip to admire the majestic wonders throughout the gardens is well worth waiting until the end of the week. one of the oldest bonsai trees in the northeast. the orangerie, an 18th-century-style greenhouse, is 4,000 square feet of lush and fragrant plants topped with a glass ceiling (that lets in sunshine all day long).

more than 250 years old and home to the world’s largest indoor collection of living plants, kew gardens earns its title as the world’s most famous. the climatron at the missouri botanical garden was the world’s first geodesic dome greenhouse, as well as the first air-conditioned greenhouse, when it opened in 1960. the climate-controlled dome is home to more than 2,800 different plants and emulates lowland rain forest environments from around the world. the greater missouri botanical garden is the oldest in the world, and is a registered national historic landmark. at 4.5 acres, it’s regarded as one of the largest and most spectacular conservatories in the world. congress established the united states botanic garden in 1820. this living plant museum sits on the national mall and offers views of the u.s. capitol building, right along with its approximately 4,000 seasonal plants housed inside the glass conservatory.

the atocha station greenhouse features more than 7,000 plants and a pond that’s home to fish and turtles. a reclaimed kaolinite pit in cornwall serves as the home of the eden project, consisting of multiple biodomes that house thousands of plant species. gifted to the city of pittsburgh in 1893, the phipps conservatory and botanical garden is today registered as a national historic place. gardens by the bay is one part in singapore’s transition to being a city in a garden, and within is the flower dome, the largest glasshouse in the world (per guinness world records). within the cloud forest, the second of the conservatories, you’ll find a man-made mountain that’s accessible via elevator and a walking path that takes you past a waterfall. any information published by condã© nast traveler is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

explore the botanical richness and stunning biodiversity of several distinct environments housed in the dorothy chapman fuqua conservatory, where a tropical greenhouses, botanical centers, and climate-controlled tropical gardens await—filled with lush greenery, warm air, and sunlight. here are nine must-visit indoor gardens in michigan. 3. fernwood botanical gardens (13988 range line road, niles)., indoor garden boston, indoor garden boston, indoor garden nyc, the conservatory at the new york botanical garden, botanical gardens orchids.

search form usbg at home about us gardens visit learn & programs grow sustainability conservatory & indoor gardens the production greenhouses represent the purest expression of the botanical garden’s mission of exploring, indoors under glass, this conservatory is a garden delight. mary e. bivins tropical conservatory / amarillo botanical gardens., indoor garden system, botanic garden of smith college, the conservatory at wave hill, botanical gardens map.

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