iris garden

we will remain very competitive and the quality of our iris plants cannot be beat. we are proud to introduce irises from the the internationally acclaimed hybridizer robert annand. our iris plants are the best available. the rhizomes (bulb-like root system) are hand dug and shipped directly from our farm in the san francisco bay area to ensure your receipt of the highest quality plants possible.

look for the e, m, and l for the bloom times in the description of the bearded iris variety. we guarantee our iris plants to be top quality; true to name and blooming size; free of insects, pest and disease; and to reach you live and healthy. the $20.00 minimum order does not apply to the gift certificates. if you are planning to place an order with us, we recommend that you register first. the registration and sign in are on the top of all pages.

order irises during your visit to the farm and pick up your order in august. we also have potted iris plants of many varieties for immediate purchase. scroll down for online ordering ways:           open april and may only — during the bloom time for irises. any other times by appointment:   (916) 652-4351              always open easter weekend and mother’s day weekend                                      additional activities in the garden–     see below for times and dates         cut your own bouquet for fee  — during april & may — irises                               cut your own bouquet for fee- zinnias, sunflowers, fillers — during aug, sept pick up & oct.         pumpkin patch in october   if needed, shipping is available for a fee:  also, shopping online is more convenient now with 3 ways to purchase:1.  email your order to us from the contact us tab,                then we send you a paypal invoice.2.

phone orders with credit cards (april 1 to sept 15 only)3.  mail in order form with a checkfacebook/hortonirisgarden — has irises arranged by color, size, etc in albums                                                                                 /hortonirisgardenphotographers:  we charge a usage fee for using horton iris garden for family portraits             please call for an appointment (916) 652-4351 and the fee schedule. fri, sat, sun, mon  only — april & may — 10 am to 5 pm       cut your own bouquet  for fee– zinnias, sunflowers, fillers –bring a vase or purchase one. granny’s attic gift shop                                                             available most weekends during garden open hours. garden art is available during the iris garden open hours.irises will inspire all your senses!!

schreiner’s iris gardens features world-class iris for your garden. growing, breeding, and selling tall bearded iris, dwarf iris, and many discount iris located in the east foothills of san jose, nola’s iris farm and garden is open to the public in the spring at no charge. please click on the image or link above the iris gardens contain over 10000 irises of approximately 1500 varieties and produce over 100000 blooms over the course of the season., .

located in loomis, ca (20 miles from sacramento), you will experience a peaceful country visit to our iris farm that includes about 1200 varieties of irises to helpful advice for planting your iris: “growing and hybridizing tall bearded iris for beauty, performance & pleasure!” welcome to. iris4u garden located at the base of the 7 1/2 acre mountainside park, the presby memorial iris gardens contain over 14,000 irises of approximately 3,000 varieties and, .

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