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the purpose of the change management policy is to ensure that a standard set of minimum requirements are established for changes that are made to production systems and supporting infrastructure across the organization. changes, in the context of this policy, are defined as modifications to the production environment and include supporting infrastructure and key corporate systems. note: while tier 4 administrative systems are not subject to the scope of this policy, team members are encouraged to proactively adopt the requirements established by this policy across all systems, especially if there is a good probability that a system may move from a tier 4 administrative system to a higher system tier handbook page.

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in conjunction with this policy, supplemental change management procedures are formally documented to describe the standard operating procedure/workflow for executing changes in accordance with this policy and the controlled document procedure. these controls are subject to internal and external audits and therefore provide the minimum requirements for change management across the organization. exceptions to this policy will be tracked as per the information security policy exception management process.

change control is a systematic approach to managing all changes made to a product or system. the change control process is usually conducted as a sequence of steps proceeding from the submission of a change request. change control is an important part of project management in it and non-it areas — including manufacturing and pharmaceuticals — and can be a formal or informal process.

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