it procurement policy template

it procurement policy template is a it procurement policy sample that gives infomration on it procurement policy design and format. when designing it procurement policy example, it is important to consider it procurement policy template style, design, color and theme. the purpose of an it purchasing policy is to define standards, procedures, and restrictions for the purchase of all it hardware, software, computer-related components, and technical services purchased with {company-name} funds. purchases of technology and technical services for {company-name} must be approved and coordinated through the it department. all hardware, software, or components purchased with {company-name} funds are the property of {company-name}. all purchase requests for hardware, software, computer-related components, internet services, or third-party electronic services must be submitted to the it department, via the service desk, for final purchase approval.

it procurement policy overview

a procurement procedure is maintained by the vp of it. equipment replaced during the course of any period shall be based on a minimum annual review of the asset management program and hardware replenishment schedule, hardware inventory, and fixed asset budget schedules. certain classes of {company-name} assets, as defined below (“qualified assets” or “asset”), procured or curated by the {company-name} information technology department shall be duly managed with the objective of protecting them from misappropriation and unplanned obsolescence. included asset classes are as follows: technology equipment, computer hardware, peripherals, and other items purchased by {company-name} it or managed by same that are: {company-name} will also include expenses incurred by employees and will reimburse the following, in addition to standard travel expenses, as indicated in the employee reimbursement policy: rich selvidge is the chief information security officer at purplesec, providing singular accountability for all information security controls in the company.

compliance with these guidelines helps ensure provost it can provide quality support that meets the needs of each user in every department that we provide technology services to. these guidelines help departments understand the correct procedures for ordering new technology hardware in compliance with usc and provost it standards. all purchases of technology hardware, software, and labor (i.e. departments covered under the scope of this policy may not procure their own it-related hardware or software without either a) the purchase being made directly through provost it, or b) the quote or purchase being approved, in the form of a documented helpdesk ticket or email, via a staff member from provost it before being made.

it procurement policy format

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it procurement policy guide

provost it will always provide guidance and work with departments to make purchases which comply with these standards and meet departmental technology needs. devices, platforms, or any other types of technology purchased in violation of these guidelines will not be supported by provost it and may be restricted from being used on or with provost it-supported devices. this policy applies to all users and departments supported by provost it, and to departments, divisions, offices, or teams which receive any level of technology support from provost it. more specifically, it applies to any technology hardware or software purchases within these departments made with university funds, including research funds, grants, or funds spent on personal cards with the intent of seeking reimbursement.