Job procedure template

Job procedure template is a sample procedure document that shows the process, tools and framework for analysis the duties of certain job and tasks. A well designed job procedure sample can help both the business and individuals to understand the job properly.


Job Procedure Overview

Job procedure need to go through the process of job analysis. Job analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs by determining what the duties, tasks, or activities of jobs are and about the qualification of the job-holders. This information is then used for developing Job description and job specification. By doing job analysis, we will gather the following information such as: The detail tasks of job, the duties of job, the place and the methods of performing jobs.

Job procedure needs to understand clearly the job requirements and job specification. Job analysis includes the study of the job itself as well as the analysis of job requirements. When completed, job analysis results in two documents, job description and job specification. But the tendency is to combine two into one. A job description specifies tasks, duties and working condition of a job itself, which details what the jobholder is expected to do. A job specification stipulates what skills, abilities and other competences a jobholder requires in order to perform the job effectively.

Job Procedure Template Outline

There is free procedure format you can download for reference, however, you may use common software such as Word to create your sample job procedure template based on job duties and requirements. During the development process, it is crucial to consider the job procedure format, job procedure layout and job procedure outline.

The first key part in job procedure template is the job content. In the section, you may state the job duties, job tasks, and work behavior. For example, The major areas of the job-holder’ s responsibility:__; The Job Tasks:__.

The second key part in job procedure sample is the job context. In the section, you need to state the conditions under which work is performed and the demands such work imposes on workers. For example, the Job reporting relationship:__; The Job authority:__.

The last key part in job procedure example is the job requirements. In the section, you need to state the knowledge, skill, ability, personal characteristics, and credentials needed for effective job performance.