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lockout tagout procedure template is a lockout tagout procedure sample that gives infomration on lockout tagout procedure design and format. when designing lockout tagout procedure example, it is important to consider lockout tagout procedure template style, design, color and theme. if you have ever pulled your car into a garage for an oil change, the first thing the technician asks you to do is take your keys out of the ignition and put them on the dashboard. the same principle applies when it comes to machinery on the work site, whether it’s an hvac system or a piece of production equipment. according to osha, lockout/tagout (loto) protocols are “specific practices and procedures to safeguard employees from the unexpected energization or startup of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities.” in this column, we’ll provide a high-level overview of lockout/tagout procedures and best practices to ensure they are taken seriously at all levels of the organization. we have all heard horror stories: a worker sticks their arm into a machine to clear out a jam, or steps into an industrial oven to make an adjustment, and an unaware colleague turns on the power. loto programs are all about the control of hazardous energy. during the course of typical operations, most machinery is equipped with physical safeguards to protect operators, such as the handguard on an industrial saw. it is vital that hazardous energy is controlled and dissipated before this can happen.

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an important part of preparedness is being appropriately trained and aware of the hazardous energy sources involved and how to control them. slatesafety’s band v2 is the most rugged, easy-to-use connected safety wearable to help keep your workforce safe and help prevent heat stress. it includes comprehensive, enterprise-grade software that provides configurable alert thresholds, real-time alerts, data, and insights into your safety program’s performance all while ensuring your data is secure and protected. 3 according to the national safety council, work-related medically consulted injuries total 4.26 million in 2021 in usa alone. control of work – gets rid of tedious paperwork and experience digital workflows. crew protect – maximises safety and situational awareness with health trackers and situational indicators. works well with major connectivity protocols like wi-fi, bluetooth, and long-range bluetooth!

improve fire service certification and renewal operations to ensure compliance and a get a comprehensive single source of truth. this standard requires that employees who work in an area where energy control procedure(s) are utilized be instructed in the purpose and use of the energy control procedure(s), and especially trained not to attempt to restart or reenergize machines or other equipment that are locked or tagged out.

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all employees who employers authorize to lockout machines or equipment and perform any service or maintenance operations must be trained each year to recognize sources of hazardous energy in the workplace, the type and magnitude of energy found in the workplace, and the means of isolating and/or controlling the energy. even after the energy source has been disconnected, in step 3 of the lockout safety process, and the machine has been locked out, in step 4, that doesn’t entirely guarantee that there’s no hazardous energy still stored within the machine or that it’s safe to perform maintenance. our online lockout tagout training has helped thousands of organizations to comply with osha’s standard for the control of hazardous energy and protect their employees from harm.

locking out the equipment prevents others from accidentally turning on the equipment while the repairs are being performed to reduce the rate of accidents and injuries. all workers whose jobs will be affected by the loto should be notified of the planned outage ahead of time, including which pieces of equipment will be taken offline and for how long. if the employees need to use the equipment for work, they should be given alternate tasks or responsibilities. disconnect the underlying energy source from the equipment that needs to be maintained to further eliminate the possibility of someone accidentally turning it on while the repairs are being made. use a loto padlock device to physically prevent anyone from accessing and restarting the energy supply while the repairs are being made. the loto prevents new energy from entering the equipment, but there could be additional energy stored in the machine.

test the equipment to see if it starts and to ensure the lockout is successful. remove unrelated workers from the repair site and communicate with incoming workers during the shift change to inform them of the situation at hand. the equipment in question must be completely drained of its power and disconnected from external energy sources and the electrical grid before the work begins. all sponsored content is supplied by the advertising company and any opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily reflect the views of ishn or its parent company, bnp media. on demand: we know that you have a lot of questions about flame resistant/arc-rated (fr/ar) garments and how to properly care for and maintain them. on demand: if an osha inspector knocks on your door to conduct a safety inspection, would you know why?