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north was born in hastings, england, the eldest daughter of a prosperous land-owning family descended from the hon. her father was frederick north, a norfolk deputy lieutenant and justice of the peace, and liberal m.p. her mother, janet, was the daughter of sir john marjoribanks m.p., 1st baronet of lees in the county of berwick. she was the eldest of three children. after the death of her mother in 1855, she constantly travelled with her father, who was then member of parliament for hastings; and on his death in 1869 she decided to pursue her early ambition of painting the flora of distant countries. her first watercolour landscapes were undertaken on a trip to europe with her sister and father. they travelled in syria and along the nile in 1865-67. her father became ill in the alps in 1869, and she brought him back to hastings, where he died.

after her father’s death in she travelled and made paintings in sicily. in 1871–1872, she travelled to canada, the united states and jamaica, and spent a year in brazil, where she did much of her work at a hut in the depths of a forest. during her visits to california, she recorded her concern with the destruction of the redwoods. on her return to britain, north exhibited a number of her drawings in london. at charles darwin’s suggestion, north went to australia in 1880, and for a year painted there and in new zealand. on her return, she presented darwin the shrub ‘australian sheep’ (raoulia eximia) as a gift and showed him her australian pictures. her gallery at kew was opened in 1882. this is a part of the wikipedia article used under the creative commons attribution-sharealike 3.0 unported license (cc-by-sa).

she was the eldest of three children and her family were prosperous landowners – both her father and maternal grandfather were mps. following the death of her mother in 1855, she began to paint on her travels with her father. when her father died in 1869 she decided to pursue her ambition of painting the flora of distant countries – possibly as a way of helping her through her grief. however, this was to lead to a new calling, as she dedicated her life wholeheartedly to this goal. view of the jesuit college of caracas, minas geraes, brazil c.1873 marianne north (1830–1890) royal botanic gardens, kew then in 1871–1872, she went further afield, travelling to canada, the united states and jamaica. during this time, she also lived and worked in a hut in the midst of the brazilian forest – for a whole year!

she began a two-year journey around the world, during which time she painted the plants and flowers of california, japan, borneo, java and ceylon (now sri lanka). north returned to britain at the end of the 1870s, where she exhibited some of her drawings in london. it was at this time that she suggested that a new gallery should be built to house her works at the royal botanic gardens at kew. in 1880, the great naturalist charles darwin suggested that north travel to australia, so she spent a year painting there and also in new zealand. she died there on 30th august 1890 and is buried in the local churchyard. her legacy is further cemented by the extraordinary gallery she created at kew, and the sheer scope of her prolific artistic output.

about marianne north – victorian explorer and painter of plants and founder of a gallery of botanical art at kew gardens. she painted some of the wildest places on earth her work is a record of the dramatic landscapes she visited and the plants that grow there. an extensive collection of prints by the renowned victorian biologist and artist., .

order oil painting reproduction a piece of sugar cane – marianne north flor de pascua or easter flower, at morro velho, brazil – marianne north flor marianne north ( – ) was a prolific english victorian biologist and botanical artist, notable for her plant and landscape by far the largest contributor to kew’s collections of paintings in oil is marianne north (1830–1890). she produced nearly 1,000 works in 20 years,, .

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