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medical policy and procedure template is a medical policy and procedure sample that gives infomration on medical policy and procedure design and format. when designing medical policy and procedure example, it is important to consider medical policy and procedure template style, design, color and theme. over the years, the increasing complexity of patient care has resulted in the need for p&t committee members to face increased responsibilities and challenges within their organizations. these statements are a result of a mandate by the p&t committee, which is responsible for pharmacy services within the institution, and they describe the services that will be provided. procedures refer to the various types of tasks performed by employees, resources that are necessary, boundaries of the service, and contingency plans for executing an alternative if the policy cannot be implemented (plan b). vancomycin was withheld, and the patient was instructed to return to the internist’s office for further follow-up.

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yet that pharmacist denied that there was a need to monitor the patient’s renal function, even in light of her toxic vancomycin level and the concomitant treatment with ketorolac, a potentially nephrotoxic drug. the policy clearly described clinical examination and education of the patient to detect aminoglycoside toxicity, but this was not performed. the policy stated that the pharmacist was to consult with the prescribing physician for alerts; however, this did not occur, nor did the pharmacist (1 year out of training) consult with a senior pharmacist. a subsequent investigation revealed that the recalled heparin was found in and returned from the hospital for several months after the product’s recall and after the patient’s exposure. pharmacists as well as physicians and others involved in the medication-use system need to remain engaged with p&ps to ensure that they are properly executed.

today, a p&p manual may be regarded as a living document of policies and procedures that form the foundation of any service delivery program, whether it be in a school, private practice, hospital, or other healthcare setting. a procedure may outline the manner in which a particular policy is to be implemented, but it cannot take the place of that policy. a p&p manual exists to answer the what and how of operations. thus, all policies must be available to all staff and written in such a way as to clearly specify the policy and procedures for a given issue: you want your policy manual to be as clear as possible because it often plays a key role in court if an employee sues you for wrongful termination or any other labor dispute.

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an outline of the nrh p&p documentation format follows: 5.1.1 hospital-wide policies and procedures shall be documented on the nrh hospital policies and procedures letterhead (see appendix a). in a pre-survey checklist, the jcaho (1991) lists a number of ‘items to remember’ for a rehabilitation facility: policies and procedures play a prominent role in the jcaho survey process. half of the battle in preparing for a survey is getting your p&p manual in tip-top shape. overview of the joint commission’s “agenda for change.” policy and procedure on policies and procedures, #700.00. washington, dc: author.

the best clinical policies report the evidence on which their recommendations are made and weight their recommendations based on the strength of the evidence. in this article, we’ll show you where to find high-quality clinical policies relating to a wide range of conditions and preventive services. specialty societies, government agencies, health care organizations, medical staffs and physician practices may write clinical policies for issues of interest to them. most recently, ahcpr, in conjunction with the ama and the american association of health plans, has developed an online clearinghouse for clinical policies created by other sources.

the academy has developed its own policies for three topics, co-developed policies with other organizations and coordinated the placement of family physicians on clinical policy committees assembled by other groups. 2600. finally, the ama serves as a clearinghouse for clinical policies on a number of topics. clearly, physicians working to improve care and manage its cost have a rich supply of clinical policies to choose from. in an upcoming article, we’ll give you a methodology for evaluating clinical policies and making them part of practice.