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notable 20th-century landscape architects and designers like garrett eckbo, lawrence halprin, and thomas church paved the path for today’s modern or forward-thinking designers. the furniture is the deep-seating kind, with lime-green cushions, set back to take in the view of this casual, contemporary yard in vancouver, british columbia. designed by landscape 2000, of vancouver, british columbia, the space takes advantage of a wall for a bold vertical garden and features an architectural wood pergola. well, there’s no hard-and-fast rule that you have to decorate like it’s 1839. for the tiny outdoor space, designer axis mundi took advantage of the vertical space to add plants and gain privacy. designer alberto garcia chose hardwood furniture that resists the sun and emerald pillows as accents of color for the modern space.

that modern vibe of a highrise condo in mumbai extends to the balcony, where kns architects used backlit laser-cut corian for wall interest. “it’s a garden that treats the sighted and unsighted as equals,” says dawson, who emphasized the other senses in his design: if it’s worth saving, you restore. two elements of the house are linked by a relaxing outdoor space designed by award winning garden designer luciano giubbilei. the goals for this las vegas entertainer’s backyard: modern, functional, clean, and perfection. continuing that modern feeling, true north used other unconventional materials, like steel and corrugated iron, which complement the silver wood. matazrozzi pelsinger builders constructed large concrete retaining walls and installed a folding door system in the den that opens to a rear stone patio.

they are based on a geometric layout and rely on scale and proportion to add drama in the absence of decorative ornaments. the material palette is kept to a minimum with smooth concrete used for walls or paving and limestone or slate for floors. planting tends also to be limited primarily to specimen trees, clipped hedges, lawns, and large blocks of simple plantings with architectural specimens. two thumbs up for this extremely appealing courtyard where the clean and geometric lines of the lavender beds are softly echoed by the silver-gray stone path.

if you are looking for a low maintenance but stylish hedge for your driveway, this might be the one! we can’t help but admire the gentle curves of this inviting path, the symmetric and geometric pattern of the gray stones regularly alternating with the green groundcover. designed to be contemporary and to create a calm, tranquil atmosphere, this stylish garden includes only a few plants but is a real masterpiece of simplicity. once a tricky, sloping, poorly used site, this area has been transformed into a highly functional garden and pool that has become the hub of the family’s entertainment all year round.

plants grown locally with care, pre-potted in premium planters & delivered to your door we plant a tree for every purchase, shop below: moderngarden. if your garden is due for an overhaul, make it easy on yourself by going modern. these 15 examples show that modern is clean, bold, modern garden designs are generally characterized by free-flowing spaces, the absence of symmetry and by sharp lines, both vertical and horizontal., .

get inspired by these striking modern garden ideas, from sleek patio ideas and how to style a deck, to gorgeous flower bed design and tips modern garden, miami, florida. 36055 likes 5 talking about this. plants grown with care & love delivered to your door. a modern or contemporary garden is characterized by a sleek, streamlined and sophisticated style. modern garden designs draw on the simplicity of asian, .

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