modern shed

if you need a lot more space in your life, the summit series is your solution. from simple storage to studio spaces with lifestyle interiors, it’s the backyard shed, re-imagined for the needs of our modern lives. the portland series features a gable-style roof, rustic siding options, and dozens of layouts to perfectly match any residential aesthetic from coast to coast. a studio shed backyard office is a place you can commute to in seconds, without the distractions of an office in your home. the perfect place to get away after a long day that is still just right outside your back door. a studio shed is more than a place to put your things. a diy shed kit from studio shed is the fastest and most affordable way to add some extra space to your life.

a studio shed prefab garage is more than just a place to park your car. a studio shed is your pop-up space that can be customized by your team and then re-used again and again. a fast and affordable way to add extra space to your home. we put the designing process in your hands and make it easy with our configurator tool! adding more space to your home has never been easier thanks to the rising popularity of freestanding, or detached, modular addtions. there are millions of combinations of sizes, door and window placements, and colors. our products are built right here in colorado and then shipped directly to your front door.

but it may be hard to do that when your dining room is now your home office and your bedroom has a side hustle as your gym. so, if you’re running out of room and you have some backyard to spare, try installing a backyard shed! these sheds have style and might just compete with your mid mod home for the best-looking building. these modular sheds come in 3 sizes that can fit a multitude of needs and are virtually endlessly customizable. these nordic-inspired structures come in 3 different sizes and would make the most relaxing backyard getaway.

these cabins feature red cedar siding, spruce accents and a loft! they offer their sheds in five different sizes and they feature steel doors, a metal roof and pine ceilings. if you’re lucky enough to live in the bay area, you can install one of these backyard eichlers! these mini eichler modern sheds feature clerestory windows, sliding doors and a knotty pine ceiling. these fully customizable sheds come in 5 different styles and feature aluminum hardware, cork floors and french doors. time to start customizing your very own modern shed!

modern-shed has become a leader in innovative, sustainable, prefabricated home structures. units are constructed easily and efficiently in tight spaces, using studio shed creates high-efficiency prefab modern sheds and backyard studios. design and build your own modern studio with our 3d configurator tool. our modern series sheds are available in several sizes for all your storage or gardening needs. come browse the full collection and get free delivery today!, studio shed, studio shed, backyard studio shed.

check out these five modern sheds for your backyard are ready to be your new home office, gym and everything in between. browse modern shed pictures. discover minimalist shed designs and new ideas for organization, storage and layout. these beautiful modern studio sheds will add a modern touch to your home. great for an office shed, home studio, backyard room and more., .

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