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if you employ others at your small business, it’s important to establish a clear set of office procedures for you and your workers to follow. your list of procedures could grow very long, but there are a few key points that you can use to get started. it’s also important to instruct employees on security procedures at the office. make sure that you post a listing of emergency phone numbers, establish an incident reporting system and train employees on how to handle potential confrontations or threats.

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each employee should have complete information on your standard suppliers for various needs at the company and familiarity with the process of generating purchase orders. when vendors send invoices to your company’s accounts payable department, you should have a straightforward procedure for verifying these invoices and submitting payment on time. this procedure may only apply to a few of your employees authorized to process payments. if your employees must deal with calls or visits from customers frequently, consider creating a script for these workers to follow to accompany your list of customer-service procedures. louise balle has been writing web articles since 2004, covering everything from business promotion to topics on beauty.

accurate coding of diagnoses and procedures is the key to managing your reimbursement, limiting your write-offs, and avoiding fraudulent activity that could bring havoc to your practice. there are hundreds of thousands of codes available which can be found in a book titled icd-9 codes, but fortunately as a colorectal specialist you can limit the ones you need for your practice to essentially 50 or 60. these should be included in your encounter form and checked for each patient visit. next, you consider a patient who has a personal history of polyps or cancer, and the code is “v12.72” or “v10.05,” respectively. procedures performed in the operating room or ambulatory surgery center also have cpt codes and some of these are similar to the office codes.

the number of signs and symptoms documented in the patient record determines the level of service you will be able to code. the guidelines for the levels can be found in the hcfa/cpt documentation guidelines, and you should document these levels in your office notes or dictation to justify the level of complexity of the visit. if an e&m service and an office procedure are performed on the same day, a modifier must be used to be reimbursed for both services. this process can be complex and many of the “rules” can have various interpretations.